King Edward POINT

King Edward POINT is on rock about 3 m over the sea level on Südgeorgien because of the Cumberland East Bay (Grytviken). At present it is occupied during the summer with max.18 persons, in the winter with on the average 8 persons.
The station was established to 1925 of Great Britain as Discovery base. 1. January 1950 took over the Falkland Iceland Dependencies Survey the station. It was up to the 1. January 1952 and then again starting from that 13. November 1969 occupies. At the 3. April 1982 was closed it in the course of the Falklandkrieges by, the Argentine troops occupying the island. After it was almost 20 years abandoned, them became to 22. March 2001 by British the Antarctic Survey again occupies.

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coordinates: 54° 17' southern latitude, 36° 30' of western length


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