King Kong

King Kong is the probably most famous ape in the film history, which in several films the main role played:

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original, Remakes and continuations

the original and films, which continued or told original history again.

variants and Parodien

Parodien, variants and Zeichentrickfilme.

  • 1943 The Ape one (the USA)
  • 1961 Konga - Franconia stone gorilla (England, Prod.)
  • 1962 King Kong - India/Bollywood production (officially not available)
  • 1966-89 King Kong, the USA, indication trick character
  • of 1968 King OF Kong's Iceland (EH, the wild woman), Italy, horror adventure
  • 1969 Mighty Gorga (the USA, 84 min., imdb)
  • 1973 Schlock the banana monster, of John Landis
  • 1976 A.P.E. (alternatively: The new King Kong, the USA)
  • 1976 Queen OF Kong - Queen gorilla (England, Germany Prod.)
  • 1977 the Koloss of Konga - Mighty Peking one (Shaw bread ago production, Italy)
  • 1998 The Mighty Kong (the USA): Indication trick musical with alternative at the end of
  • of 2000 „King Kong - The Animated Series “(the USA)
  • 2003 „À l' ombre de King Kong “(in the shade of the King Kong), France
  • 2007 Conga - the queen of Samba (Hörspielparodie v. K. - H. Geisendorf), Germany

Japanese films

in Japan developed some monster films, in which a “modified King Kong” had to fight against the Japanese counterpart Godzilla and other opponents.

  • 1938 King Kong missing person silent movie 1962 the return of the King Kong 1967
  • King Kong - Franconia stone son 1973
  • King Kong - appears Dämonen from
  • the universe 1974 King Kong against Godzilla [
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