system of government nichtinkorp. US external area
surface 1 km ²
number of inhabitants uninhabited
geographical situation
of coordinates: 6° 24 ′ 0 " N, 162° 24 ′ 0 " W
6° 24 ′ 0 " N, 162° 24 ′ 0 " W
time belt GMT -11:00 h
Top level Domain .um (American Ozeanien)
Eine Karte des Kingmanriffs

the Kingmanriff a reef is belonged in North Pacific and as nichtinkorporiertes territory to the national territory of the USA. It is approx. 61 km northwest southwest from Palmyra and approximately 1713 km from Honolulu.


the American captain Edmund Fanning discovered the Kingmanriff to 14. June 1798 with its Brigg Betsy. In its book “Voyages and Travels” it reported, how its ship would have accumulated and would have been stuck nearly on the reef, if it the danger not felt andit would in time have stopped. It described the reef as follows:

Corral reef or sand bank, in the form of a Halbmondes, over six miles expansion from north to south; under its Lee, and within the area in the Halbmond, flat and untiefes water seems tooits. We did not discover a foot earth, rock or sand over the water, where perhaps a boat could be pulled ashore.

On some sea charts it was then noted as „Danger skirt “(German “dangerous rock”).

The reef received its nameof the naval officer W.E. Kingman, it to 29. November 1853 with the Shooting star an attendance abstattete. On the discovery it reported in September 1855 in the Honoluluer newspaper “The Friend”. There he knows also on the considerable threat,those would represent at night in particular the reef with light wind and calm lake, since one could recognize crushers only if the ship the reef already dangerously close had come.

Under the name “Danger” ranked it among the islands, the 1856by the Americans with reference to the Guano of Iceland act were stressed.

The USA annektierten it to 10. And twelve years gave it May 1922 later the status of a naval reservation. Its protected lagoon served the airline Pan on 1937/1938 as stopover for Flugboote between Hawaii and American Samoa. Due to its particularly various maritime Flora and fauna - according to ecologists it accommodates 168 different fish types and 102 Korallenspezies - it was explained 2001 as the protected area.

geographyand climate

admission of a NASA satellite

under the small size as well as frequent flooding of the dreiecksförmigen corral reef existed neither a land vegetation nor can be found natural resources, the soil are completely unfruchtbar. The highest point is east a meter overthe sea level. With favorable conditions the coastal line can become maximally three kilometers long. It prevails tropical climate, which is affected however substantially by the prevailing hoists.


for any functions of the administration is responsible the United States Navy,those their tasks of Washington (D.C.) out notices. The laws and national emblems of the United States possess thus absolute validity. , If no special permission is present, no admission to the reef is granted to the public, an attendance would be either with an airplane, infor the deep internal lagoon lands, or a ship, which sets on the offshore anchorage, possible.


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