Flagge von Kinshasa
Base data
surface: 9,965 km ²
inhabitants: 7.787.832 (2005)
population density: 781.5 Einw. /km ² (2005)
ISO 3166-2: CD-KN
Satellitenbild: Lage Kinshasas am Fluss Kongo
satellite photograph: Situation of Kinshasas at the river the Congo
boulevard you 30 juin in Kinshasa (April 2003)

Kinshasa is the capital that Democratic Republic of the Congo. The city has 7.787.832 inhabitants, the dye 9.122.077 (conditions in each case 1. January 2005) and is thereby behind Cairo and Lagos the third biggest Metropolregion of Africa.

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Kinshasa is to the capital of the Republic of the Congo because of the pool Malebo at the Congo river directly opposite from Brazzaville.


the place was created 1881 of Henry Morton Stanley as commercial postand in honours of the Belgian king at that time Leopold II. Léopoldville mentioned. 1898 were finished the railway to the coastal town Matadi. After the transfer of the capital the Belgian Congo von Boma after Lépoldville into the 1920er years experienced the city a rapid growth.Léopoldville had in the middle of the 1930er years of about 40,000 inhabitants, of it approximately 2,500 Europeans. 1945 became the number of inhabitants on 100.000 estimated. To beginning of the 1950er years rose the number to 250.000, of it 15,000 Europeans, besides the city received a university.Administratively the University of Lovanium was attached to the university of lion (Belgium ).

Before independence Léopoldville consisted of a European city and an African city (accomodation Indigène), whereby the inhabitants part the other one after 21 o'clock in the evening not withoutSpecial document of identification entered were allowed. Around 1950 the city received with 70.000 places largest the stadium the Congo.1960 were Lépoldville with approximately 400,000 inhabitants the largest city of Central Africa. With independence it became capital of the independent democratic Republic of the Congo.

After thatMachtergreifung1965 von Mobutu Sese Seko wurde Léopoldville 1966 umbenannt nach dem Namen eines ehemaligen Dorfes Kinshasa, das in der Nähe lag.

The 1967 on instruction of the president at that time Mobutu Sese Seko dismantled six meters high rider fixed image Leopolds II. becamein February 2005 set up by the government the Congo at the boulevard you 30 juin again.


Kinshasa is also an industrial city, which processes the goods from the interior.

sons and daughters of the city

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coordinates: 4° 19 ′ 54 " S. Break, 15° 18 ′ 50 "o. L.


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