Kiosk system

Briefmarkenautomat mit rechnergesteuerter Auswahlmöglichkeit
stamp automat with computer controlled option

a kiosk system is for the public use of certain computers. Over these mostly just special application programs, which are in the interest of the Aufstellers, are offered. So information about companies, timetables or historical buildings, in the normal public or in more closed however anonymous public, z can. B. on fairs, by visitors to be called up, who can remain anonymous with most systems.

There are also applications for closed groups as for the personnel time registration as Stempeluhr or data output within non-office ranges such as workshops or in the free one.

Webbrowser or other Frontends mostly run over a Touchscreen to be steered on these systems.

In addition, a kiosk system knows, then computer aided, vending machine such as z. B. a ticket automat its. At them by money map, cash, electronics cash or credit card is then paid.

They are used predominantly in standing and within a relatively short period spent.


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