Kira (musician)

Kiras Auftritt bei der Labelnight in Wien
Kiras appearance with the Labelnight in Vienna

Kira (* 20. October 1978) is a German musician, who gave 2004 their debut under harsh ore Grönemeyers disk label Greenland.

Kira began already at the age of ten years with that violin plays. After six-year instruction it had 1995 of it enough and played dear guitar. With the first own guitar Kira began to compose also Popmusik . Often she dedicated herself more to her musical than their school career. After it submitted 1997 an early Song with a Homerecording competition, that became attentive Hamburg producer Michael hail on Kira. Fruitful co-operation arranged it to pull in the year 2000 from its hometown Wuppertal to Hamburg. Kira could interest the disk label Greenland record in itself and met in November 2002 for the first time harsh ore Grönemeyer.


  • Inauswendig, 2004

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