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Wappen Lage von Kirchheimbolanden in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Thunder mountain circle
convention community: Kirchheimbolanden
surface: 26.36 km ²
inhabitants: 7.984 (2005)
population density: 297 Einwohner/km ²
height: 232 m and. NN
postal zip code: 67292 (old: 6719)
Preselection: 06352
geographical situation: 49° 40'n. Break.
08° 01 ' o. L.
Kfz characteristic: KIB
official municipality characteristic number: 07 3 33 039
address of the city administration: New avenue 2
67292 Kirchheimbolanden
mayor: Klaus hard Mueller (CDU)
town councillor:
(Choice to 13. June 2004)
CDU 44.3% (+6,1) - 11Seats (+2)
SPD 25.3% (- 4.5) - of 6 seats (- 1)
WGR 17.0% (- 5.7) - 4 seats (- 2)
the GREEN 8.5% (+2,9) - 2 seats (+1)
FDP 5.0% (+1,4) - 1 seat (=)

Kirchheimbolanden is a city in the southeast of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is also seat that Convention community Kirchheimbolanden , as well as district town of the thunder mountain circle.

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Kirchheimbolanden lieeast the thunder mountain in the Pfalz. It is to Schillerhain because of the slope of the waiting mountain, also mentioned. In direct neighbourhood the protected area Lemberg lies in the Pfälzer forest.

statistics and political units

  • city Kirchheimbolanden have 7,984 inhabitants. In addition the local part Haide counts and8 municipality parts. Their city mayor is at present. Klaus hard Mueller.
  • Convention community Kirchheimbolanden has 19,790 inhabitants. In addition 16 municipalities count. Their mayor is since that 17.04.2005 Axel Haas.
  • Thunder mountain circle with the district town Kirchheimbolanden has 79,000 inhabitants. In addition 6 convention communities count. The land advice is at present. Winfried Werner.
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778 is mentioned for the first time Kirchheim. The city receives the today's name Kirchheimbolanden only in the 19.Jahrhundert. Already in 12. Century is mentioned a church of the holy Remigius (later renamed in Peter church). This church gave the name to the place. There the Mr. von Bolanden thatPlace was subordinate, became from it late Kirchheimbolanden. Starting from 1288 Kirchheim belongs to the house Nassau. 1368 is lent Kirchheimern municipal rights. Colloquially one calls the city also today still Kerchem or again-German Kibo. One calls the inhabitants thereby also “Kerchemer” or “Kibojaner”

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Residence time house of the Nassau - because castle in the place

  • 1719-1753 Carl August von Nassau-Weilburg, shifted 1737 its residence from because castle to Kirchheim
  • 1753-1788 Carl Christian von Nassau-Weilburg, occasional own Infantrieregiment (1755-1759) in Mannheim with the cure prince of the Kurpfalz, occasional general of the Netherlands, there governor
  • 1788-1816 Friedrich William ofNassau fled 1793 before the French revolution with bag and luggage from the city to Bayreuth. With it the time ends to Kirchheim as Residenzstadt for Kirchheimbolanden, at that time only mentioned. For the fled prince it gave nevertheless a Happyend. 1806 it became Mitregent of the duchy Nassau, to beGrandchild Adolph even 1890 Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Particularly its largest bloom time experiences it among the princes Carl August (1719-1753) and under Carl Christian (1753-1788) house of the Nassau - because castle and its rich, intelligent and musical wife Karoline, princess von Oranien Nassau Dietz. Around 1790 the place occasional front Austria was subordinate.It was occasional part of the French Département thunder mountain (Mont Tonnere) under the Präfekten Jeanbon pc. André in Mainz. During and after the Viennese the city and the surrounding countryside belonged to congress to the Generalgouvernement central Rhine, to it then the Kingdom of Bavaria as Bavarian Pfalz were slammed shut. 1848/49 become of aufmüpfigen Pfälzern during the 48er in such a way specified revolution 17 partisans in the palace garden of the 4. Division of the 1. Prussian army corps (line had the later emperor Wilhelm I.) shot.


city mayor


the coat of arms of the city points far to the past and reminds of the gentlemen, who ertrotzten municipal rights. The lower half shows on green reasona black Eber and/or. a wild pig. It points von Eberstein on the rule of the counts, while the upper half shows a cross-hatched field on same green reason. This is to remind of the counts von Spanheim (Hunsrück). They solved the rule of them from Ebersteinoff and they were it, which came 1368 of emperor Karl IV municipal rights for Kirchheim awarded. Historically however their colors are to have been yellow and blue.



Kirchheimbolanden is by A 63 (Mainz - Kaiserslautern) tied up to the supraregional traffic. The ÖPNV is ensured by the Westpfalz Verkehrsverbund, to which also the 1999 again furnished thunder mountain railway belong, which connects Kirchheimbolanden with Alzey. The railway connection direction the south became in the final phase of the Second World War by the destruction of the bridge with Marnheiminterrupted and not again taken up.

public mechanisms


in Kirchheimbolanden are the administrations of the thunder mountain circle and the convention community Kirchheimbolanden with their agencies. In addition it is seat of the tax office Worms Kirchheimbolanden.


are educational facilities in Kirchheimbolanden thatNordpfalzgymnasium, which came out from the 1681 created latin school and 1981 its 300jähriges existence could celebrate. Further the George of new May he school exists as regional school. In addition a special school with the promotion emphasis vintages exists with the Mathilde Hitzfeld school. In the occupation and training further range there is the nursing for the sick school in the place, andthe school for old person care of the thunder mountain circle, the Heilpädagogium Schillerhain, the circle people's highschool thunder mountain circle and the circle school of music thunder mountain circle. On private level the CJD Bildungszentrum of the Christian youth village work of Germany e insists. V. For children there is three kindergartens and a house of the youth, which at present under thatAdministration of the CJD Kirchheimbolanden stands - for the largest education formation of the region.

partnerships between cities

objects of interest [work on

the office road 14 one finds the rich local history museum of the city, one to Tschernjachowsk, thatlargest in Rhineland-Palatinate, the 26 departments give impressive impressions to history the city and the country. The master clock of the museum was formerly meant as the palace of the hereditary prince. Four further buildings are attached the former elementary school, among them. Altogether the museum has 1.800 m ²Exhibition surface.

stole August 2005


  • the local history museum - the townscape coined/shaped by one approx. eight meters high, partly restored, medieval Stadtmauer at the south and west side of the old part of town.
  • medieval and baroque buildings, howz. B. numerous Kavalierhäuser.
  • earlier Rococo palace of the baron von Geispitzheim, ehem. Yard marshal von Nassau-Weilburg, late pub parallel to „the white Ross
  • “avenue road - to the palace garden wall, which covers the palace garden nearly completely. Schmiedeiseneren gates form the entrance. In former times Kastanienbäume säumten impressing beidseitg the avenue road, today are themreplaced by small lime tree trees.
  • earlier Orangerie of the residence - 1771 build - along the avenue road opposite the palace garden wall. Today a real estate standing to the sales.
  • earlier ball house - 1752 build - in the new May first race, converted for living purposes.
  • lutherische castle church - Paulskirche - after the building of locksthe most important building, outside rather inconspicuously. The commencement of construction in the year 1739, one year after introduction of the lock new building, was locked 1744. A structural Doublette of the Paulskirche was built by the same yard architect national's building master Julius Ludwig Rothweil as yard and castle church (construction period 1707-1713) in because castle. Remarkable characteristic, thosePaulskirche in Kirchheimbolanden does not have a church tower and no bells. For the bell play and is responsible another church was in the proximity, the Peter church. If the Paulskirche is outwardly simple, she was inside however richly equipped. The so-called.Mozart organ (one of the last original baroque organs of JohannMichael mute) in the Paulskirche, on which the name giver 1778 played even, is the most well-known object of interest of the city.
  • reformed parish church of the municipality - Peter church - the tower originates from that 12. Century. In the reformation this church went to the Lutheraner. In the year 1738the lutherische prince Carl Augut of wet outer because castle of the reformed municipality Kirchheimbolandens promised the Peter church as place of worship, if they paid for it 3,000 realm valleys. With this money the prince built then partially his lutheriche castle church. Its lutherische son became 1788 in the lutherischen Paulskirche with only 52Years bestattet, while his reformed daughter-in-law and a part of the grandchildren in a Gruft of the reformed Peter church were bestattet. A common burial place did not give it at that time also for princes.
  • Interesting is also the reconditioned lock (unfortunately is kept only the east wing stylistisch). Since 1993 becameon the old sketches a zweiflügige senior residence lock Kirchheimbolanden built, which saved the east wing into the present.
  • the pertinent palace garden, that of Dr. Heinrich knight of Brunck, and/or. by by it assigned Frankfurt garden and landscape farmer the Heinrich Siesmayer in the 19.Jahrhundert again one put on.The latter had been assigned pikanterweise of the grandchild (duke Adolf of Hessen Nassau) of the last and then fled prince residing in Kirchheimbolanden the sales of its extensive planting and tree collection by lock Biebrich with Wiesbaden, since those anektierten Prussia 1866 its duchy Hessen Nassau.


Kerchemer beer week

the beer week is a singular celebration, which takes place in the Fronleichnamswoche in the two-year rotation. Last 2005 had to cost the visitors the opportunity on the occasion of the 10.Kerchemer beer week to most diverse beer places and itself on the large Festplatz at the gentleman garden on vergnüglicheTo be pleased hours. The 11.Kerchemer beer week in 2007 promises also again informal gathering for young and alto.

residence celebration

the residence celebration loads annually on the second August weekend for staying behind the walls Kirchheimbolandens in. Numerous yard operators offer to the visitors in so-called. Yard summerhouses and alsodomestic catering trade all kinds of culinary delicious. The fair in the gentleman Mr., the annual Matinee in the palace garden, like also the musical fireworks as conclusion highlight are only some examples of the varied maintenance.


the romantic window blind of the Christkindlmarktes before the background of the towers and wallsthe Kirchheimbolandener old part of town attracts visitors from far and near in the second Adventwochende. Associations, hobby artists and Schausteller offer a varied assortment at goods of all kinds to the visitors. Also for the maintenance is ensured. Music and dance presentations, the child course and the fireworks leave the attendancethe Christkindlmarktes an experience become.

annual May market

on second Sunday in May

annual October market

on second Sunday in October

sport associations

important sport associations of the city are the TVK, which admits for its basketball crew of the gentleman regional league is,the SVC, which is resident on the Schillerhain and whose sign is the first crew of the football department, the tennis club TCK and the dance sport community green white.


of sons and daughters of the city

  • George von Neumayer, 21. June 1826 † 24.May 1909 in new city at the crying race, geophycisists and polar researchers, founders and leader the German sea-control room.
  • Dr.Heinrich knight of Brunck (1847-1911) founder of the new installation of the palace garden including the trees from all world.
  • Mathilde Hitzfeld most well-known 1848-Revolutionärin of the place. Daughter of the physician Dr. Ludwig Hitzfeld.Both participated in the building of barricades against Prussia. Emigierte like at that time approx. and there the painter Theodor buyer married 30.000 further Pfälzer into the USA. One it representing plastics as “Marianne/Germania” is located in the museum.

trip goals in the proximity

  • THEN rock: Thunder mountain building, migrations upthe thunder mountain
  • skirt living: Pfälzi tower clock museum
  • CIM brook: Miner house and visitor mine
  • iron mountain: Visitor mine
  • Schweisweiler: Village museum
  • castle ruin falcon stone
  • monastery ruin Rosenthal

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