Kirsty MacColl

Kirsty MacColl (* 10. October 1959; † 18. December 2000 before Cozumel) was a British Popsängerin and belonged to the Singer in such a way specified - to Songwritern.

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lives and career

MacColl was the daughter of the dancer Jean Newlove and the well-known Folk music of singer Ewan MacColl.

Their career ran in perfectly different courses than the career/development of their father. For the first time became it admits Drug Addix “ as a singer punk pop the volume “. The responsible persons of the disk company Stiff record, with which the volume stood under contract, lost the interest in the formation, were however impressed of the singer. Thus McColl received its first solo disk contract.

1979 were published its debut solo single “They Don't Now “. Although the piece in Great Britain became an immense radio hit ( airplay hit), the single never reached the disk business because of a strike of the distributors. When it did not succeed to McColl with the subsequent single “You Caught ME Out “, in the Charts to platzieren itself, MacColl meant that it was missing at the necessary support by its disk company. In the year 1981 it changed therefore from Stiff record to Polydor record. With the funny in addition, fastidious piece “There's A Guy Works down The chip Shop Swears He's Elvis “from the album Desperate character celebrated by the criticism succeeded to it then a placement under the Top 20 the British Charts.

When again no continuing success wanted to adjust itself, Polydor quit 1983 the existing disk contract, directly after she had taken up the music pieces thought for a second album. Thereupon it turned records back to Stiff. Their on this label published Singles - like for example “Terry “or” He's on the Beach “- were failures. Only with a Cover version of Billy BraggsA new England “could it 1985 a success book. The single reached place 7 the British Charts. The version of the song taken up by it contained two new Strophen, which Bragg had written particularly for it. Since it was at the time of the publication in the late phase of a pregnancy, from their sung lines solved “I loved you then as I love you quietly; Though I PUT you on A pedestal, You PUT ME on the pellet “a certain amusement at the auditory out.

In the USA MacColl became as a Komponistin of the piece “They Don't Know “admits. Tracey Ullmans version of the piece reached 1983, perhaps also because of a guest appearance of Paul McCartney in the associated music video, place 2 the British Charts and platzierte themselves in the Top Ten of the US-Charts. The piece rang out during a majority of its running time regularly at the end of each consequence of the “Tracey Takes on “TV show with the TV transmitter HBO.)

as Stiff record in the year 1985 in bankruptcy went, lost McColl temporarily the possibility of publishing pieces in the own name since no disk company was ready to buy up their contract of the insolvency manager of the company Stiff. Due to its talent it was used during this time however into many productions of other artists than background singer. In particular it concerned photographs, which were produced or worked on by its married man at that time, Steve Lillywhite. Among them were among other things pieces for The Smiths, Van Morrison and the Talking Heads.

In December 1987 MacColl emerged again in the British Charts, when climbed the single “Fairytale OF New York “ aufgnommene of it together with the group The Pogues at place 2. Due to the success of these Duettnummer, which she sang together with beautiful MacGowan, it begeleitete “The Pogues” 1988 on their Europe tour. This experience is to have helped her according to own data thereby, their fear of stage zmindest occasionally to defeat.

Thereupon it acknowledged 1989 with the album Kite as Komponistin and a singer von Substanz. The album, in which also David Gilmour and Johnny Marr participated, was highly praised by the critics. The texts of the contained pieces concerned themselves among other things with the life in the Great Britain at present Margaret Thatcher (“Free World “), the Vergänglichkeit of the fame (” Fifteen Minutes “) and the moods of the love (” Don't Come The cowboy With ME, Sonny Jim!“)

Although “Kite contained” many new compositions of large quality, that was the Cover version of the The Kinks of piece “of Days “, with which MacColl could platzieren itself under the Top 20 the British Charts, the most successful of all pieces of the album. There on the album besides still another Cover version of the “The Smiths” of piece of” You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, baby “was, acquired themselves MacColl also considering its former success with” A new England “the probably uverdienten call of a Cover queen.

During this time MacColl was engaged also for the British Commedy show French and Saunders, in which she played herself and like for example “15 Minutes “and” I Ride “spoke various songs. Together with Ken Bishop sang it in the show originally the hit Something Stupid “ published by Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra.

Also in the future it continued its composition work and published the album Electric land lady. The title of the album should manufacture a relationship with the Jimi Hendrix - album “Electric lady country “as wordplay. This album contained Madison “, which had written it together with Johnny Marr, with the piece of “Walking down their largest hit in the USA. In Great Britain the piece of 1991 reached a Top 30 placement in the Charts. Despite these placements the album for MacColls was disk company at that time, “Virgin record “a commercial failure, so that they fall 1992 on the occasion of the sales of Virgin record at EMI of the disk company were left.

Inspired by the divorce of Steve Lillywhite, taken place before, published it 1994 the album Titanic Days. She found however no grace again at the disk industry. After the album of the Platenfirma ZTT records eye-give only in the context of a Einzeldeals were, this company MacColl refused later the conclusion of a disk contract.

In the following year published it with Virgin record on “best the OF” album “Galore” among other things the new piece of” Caroline “as well as a Cover version of the Lou Reed of piece of “Perfect Day “, which took up it in the Duett with Evan Dando. Although Galore could platzieren itself under the Top 20 the British album Charts, it did not create of the two new pieces to platzieren itself under the Top 40 the Charts. Also a new edition of the piece “Days “this fate had granted. After this disappointment MacColl published no more pieces for some years, whereby frustration developed with it was still aggravated by a long-lasting write blockade.

Several journeys to Cuba were able to animate creativity McColls again. In the year 2000 it published from Latin American - and in particular Cuban traditional music inspired album Tropical Brainstorm, which is called frequently its most outstanding work, since witnesses from a successful and particularly impressive fusion of latin sounds with original British texts. The album contains the piece “in thesis Shoes “, which was radiated in the USA frequently in radio endings. It was gecovert by bed Midler, in which HBO TV serial “Sex and uses and from Catherine would do the town center “ as title melody used for its BBC TV show.

The texts, whose range from humorously over is enough bitingly to touching sadly, written by MacColl, are only difficult to categorize, which may have impaired the komerziellen success of their works in some cases. MacColl developed already early in its career an expressed fear of stage, which overcame her for the first time in the process of one of her first tours and which it could never really overcome. She was their children a devoted nut/mother and did for longer periods on appearances in the footlights, in order to be able to concentrate without the education of her children.

death and posthume publications

to 18. December 2000 died MacColl with a swimming accident in Mexico close Cozumel, where it spent the vacation with its family. When common swimming in divers a reserved area, it collided with a motorboat and suffered thereby fatal injuries. To the collision it came, when McColl tried to protect their son against a collision with the motorboat and to pull it from its way. The boat belonged to the Mexican millionaire Guillermo González new facts, the owner of the company Comercial Mexicana and the national Costco franchise chain. This was at the time of the misfortune as well as several family members themselves on board the boat. The sailor José Cen Yam confessed the boat at the time of the collision to have steered. This is to have been according to data of the owner with a speed of only one knot on the way. The sailor was found the negligent killing for guilty and condemned to the payment of a fine at a value of 1034 pesos. Some eye-witnesses contradict however both the data of the sailor regarding the person of the attendant at present the misfortune and the statements of the owner for the speed of the motorboat.

The family MacColls supports at present a renewed legal examination of the circumstances, which led to their death. For this it turned among other things with an input to the inter+ American Commission on human Rights. To the misfortune Olivia Liechtenstein has one already on several channels of the BBC radiated documentation with the title “Who keel Kiel Kirsty MacColl?” turned.

Since its death Billy Bragg the piece of “A sings new England” only with the additional verses, which he wrote once for her. 2001 were set up to its Angedenken a bank at the southern entrance of the Londoner Soho Square. This happened following a passage from one of its most impressive pieces: “On empty bench in Soho Square/If you'd have come you'd have found ME there “.

In the year 2002 in its honours a memory concert in the Londoner Royal festival resound organized, to many artists took part, who had together worked in former times once with it or who had been affected by their working.

There are also further publications, which in connection with MacColl. 2004 appeared the Biografie Kirsty MacColl written by Karen O'Brien: The One and Only. Their musical work is summarized in that 2005 three-way CD set From Croydon ton of Cuba appeared, which contain pieces from all work phases of the artist. Also in the year 2005 the album Titanic Days was again published as deluxe doubly CD set. The albums Kite and Electric land lady likewise rem-branch-talk and provided with additional pieces again published. Its first album Desperate character is not at present available. However some the pieces on the CD set, present at this album, From Croydon ton Cuba are to be found. To 7. August 2005 appeared the album The Best OF Kirsty MacColl. That from this as single uncoupled new piece of “Sun on the Water” platzierte itself under the Top 20 the British Charts.

Diskografie (albums)

  • Desperate character (July 1981)
  • Kite (April 1989)
  • Electric land lady (June 1991)
  • Titanic Days (February 1994)
  • Galore (March 1995)
  • Tropical Brainstorm (March 2000)

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