Kisangani, in the Belgian colonial age Stanleyville, before Stanley of case station, is a city in the democratic Republic of the Congo with 539.164 inhabitants (conditions 1. January 2005) and at the same time the capital of the province Orientale.


in Kisangani becomes the river Lualaba the Congo, north the Boyomafälle. From here on the Congo is no longer navigable. Kisangani has northern latitude of 0°31'30 “. And an eastern length of 25°12'.


Henry Morton Stanley (1841 - 1904) created the Stanley of case station in December 1883 on an island in the Congo near the small place. The Scottish technician Mr. Be ever did not remain there as representative of the Congo Free State and an operator of the commercial station. A conflict with Arab slave traders escalated and 1888 was the station seat of the slave trader Tippu tip (1837 - 1905). During the Congo war the city was 1964 scene of a massacre of the “Simba “- rebels at white civilians and the darauffolgenen” operation Dragon Rouge “, a common military employment of Belgian and American troops against the “Simbas” for the rescue of further 1500 white hostages.

Coordinates: 0° 31 ' N, 25° 11 ' 59 " O

literature: Reed, David: The 111 days of Stanleyville, 1966


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