name: Kiwusee
situation: East Africa
of countries: DR the Congo, Rwanda
surface 2,650 km ²
maximum depth: 450 m
water surface: 1,462 m and. NN
maximum one length: 100 km
maximum one width: 50 km
of supplies: Kalundura
of discharges: Ruzizi

of the Kiwusee (also Kivusee called) is in Africa on the border from Rwanda to the democratic Republic of the Congo.

Directly east the large Central African threshold and west the Rwanda high country he is appropriate south the Virunga volcanos and north of Bukavu. The lake, the part East Africa niches of the Grabenbruchs is, lies in Albert Nationalpark.

One of the supplies, which feed the Kiwusee, is the Kalundura, which falls from the high country evenly specified down. The lake in the south over the Ruzizi in the Tanganjikasee is drained.

The Kiwusee is 2,650 km ² largely and up to 450 m deeply.

Important island is the island Idjwi. It belongs to democratic republic the Congo. To the Rwandese side the island Iwawa belongs. It is closed as military area for the public.

The Kiwu lake is one of three world-wide well-known lakes, with which a supersaturation with CO 2 was measured. Since this nature phenomenon already led with the Manoun lake and with the Nyos lake to disasters with up to 1800 dead ones, one forces a degassing project. In case of an explosion as with the Nyos tragedy 1986 one counts on far more dead ones, since the lake is time larger 2000 than the Nyos and it is besides more closely settled. 2002, with the last outbreak of the Nyiragongo, one was afraid a similar disaster, there was assumed, who such sudden Abgasungen can be released also by volcanic activity, it was missing however.

Coordinates: 1° 47 ′ 47 " S. Break, 29° 9 ′ 39 " o. L.


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