Classical music

the term classical music has several meanings:

  • In the closer sense classical music means the music of the time period of the classical period and/or. the style term of the Viennese classical period.
  • In the everyday life language the whole of the abendländischen often becomes with classical music Art music designation, whereby the ranges of the old persons music and new music are not embodied usually in the consciousness „of the average classical period listener “, there these mainly music from that 18., 19. and early music 20. Century knows.
  • In the sense of exemplary,exemplarily, perfectly often also the music of other epochs than is designated „classically “, z. B. „the classical Palestrina style “or „the classical modern trend “.
  • The industry jargon of the music industry in the German-speaking countries uses the term equivalently to E-music („serious music “) inContrast to the U-music so mentioned („maintenance music “) - a partitioning, which is disputed due to many border lines and exceptions.
  • Also the art music of non-European cultures is often called classical music.

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