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Klaus Borchard (* 1. March 1938 in Münster (Westphalia)) are a German architect and city planner. Borchard is an old rector of the Rheini Friedrich William university Bonn and ehem. Vice-president of the university rectors conference.

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Klaus Borchard studied after its Abitur 1958 architecture and town construction to DOES Munich. There it became 1958 member of the catholic student connection K.D.St.V. Agilolfia in the CV, later still different CV-connections. After the study it was 1964 to 1966 scientific coworker in Institut for town construction and housing Munich of the German academy for town construction and regional planning. it changed 1966 as a junior lawyer of building of governments into the Bavarian administration of building of states, 1967 took place the appointment as the master of building of governments. 1968 it changed for graduation to DOES Munich and was as scientific assistant and upper engineer in Institut for town construction and space planning DOES Munich actively. 1974 it became with the work “area requirements of the settlement and its subsequent costs: " Attains a doctorate to premises, regulation factors, development tendencies.

After a short foreign activity as planners of the Isfahan/Shahreza - new Town in Iran followed 1976 the appointment as full professor for town construction and housing settlement to the Rheini Friedrich William university in Bonn. He became at the same time a director of the institute for town construction, soil order and agricultural engineering of the University of Bonn. 1983 he was appointed “professor Visitante” the Universidad de Chile, Santiago.

1990 became Borchard Dekan of the agricultural faculty of the University of Bonn, 1992 to 1994 were it Prodekan. 1997 to 2004 were Klaus Borchard rector of the Rheini Friedrich William university Bonn. In the years 1998 to 2002 he was vice-president of the university rectors conference (HRK).

Borchard is member of the German advice for land conservation since 1983, in the years 1991 to 2005 as an acting member of the board.

memberships and honorary offices

  • since 1974 member of the architectural association North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 1991 to 1995 member and chairman of the scientific adviser of the federal research institute for regional studies and area planning with the BMBau (today Federal Office for building industry and area planning).
  • Since 1998 member in the scientific adviser of the institute for land and town development research (ILS) of the country North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Since 2003 member in the executive committee of the vhw Federal association for residential property and town development, Berlin.
  • Since 2003 vice-president of the academy for space research and regional planning, Hanover (ARL).
  • Since 2003 member of the German academy for town construction and regional planning, Berlin (DASL).
  • Member in the Kuratorium of the German people homestead work, Berlin
  • of honorary chairmen Alumni club of the University of Bonn


  • 1998 medals “Andrés Bello” by the president of Venezuela
  • 1999 “Capo Circeo price “, an GermanItalian culture price for his earnings/services to the GermanItalian friendship
  • 2002 of knight of the medal of the Ehrenlegion (Chevalier de la légion d'honneur) for its commitment around French-German co-operation in research and teachings


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