Klaus Brunnstein

Klaus Brunnstein (* 25. May 1937 in Cologne) is a German computer scientist and politician.

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lives and occupation

as diploma physicist was Brunnstein starting from 1969 member of the establishment commission of the course of studies computer science of the University of Hamburg. There it was appointed 1973 as the professor for applications of computer science. It is called by its students affectionately Brunni.

As one the complaint leader obtained Brunnstein 1983 the census judgement, with that the right to informational self-determination in Germany was recognized for the first time.

Apart from the data security Brunnstein was concerned with IT-security and computer viruses. It went to 30. September 2004 into the retirement, is however further a president that internationally Federation for information processing.


Brunnstein were until 1987 member of the FDP. From 1980 to 1983 he was regional chairman of the FDP in Hamburg, from 1981 to 1983 also member of the FDP Federal Administration. It left the party, after its intimate enemy had become Ingo of Münch of second mayors and Präses of the authorities for culture and for science and research in Hamburg.


of February 1983, when it advanced for Helga Schuchardt, up to the end of the electoral period in the March of the same yearly belonged to Brunnstein the German Bundestag .

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