Klaus Ensikat

Klaus Ensikat (* 16. January 1937 in Berlin) is a German commercial artist and Illustrator.

Ensikat studied 62 a training order after training as a customs solicitor 1954 to 1958 at the technical school for applied art in Berlin upper beautiful pasture , worked until 1960 as a customs commercial artist, had 1961 - at the federation of educating artists and was to 1965 teachers at the technical school for screen end art. Since then it lives free lance in Berlin.

Ensikats diagrams appeared to the GDR in magazines like “the magazine “and” Eulenspiegel “. Beside works by Peter Hacks, J. R. R. Tolkien, Mark of Twain and other illustrated it above all numerous Kinderbücher. Its filigranen illustrations were often distinguished, among other things 1975 with the gold medal on the KNIGA in Moscow, 1979 with the large price of the Biennale of the Illustratoren in Bratislava, 1984 with the Catalan price of the international exhibition of the child book authors in Barcelona and 1992 the Premio Grafiko of the international child and youth book fair in Bologna.

From 1995 to 2002 Ensikat was a professor for drawing at the professional school Hamburg. to 1995 it received the child literary award and 1996 its life's work with the internationally most meaning child book price was appreciated, the Hans Christian differently EN price of “internationally the board on Books for Young People” (IBBY).


  • Klaus Ensikat/Peter Hacks: “Jules rat or learning makes smart. ”, Stuttgart 1985, ISBN 3-52213-430-3

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