Klaus Mangold

Klaus Mangold (* 6. June 1943 in Pforzheim) is a German manager. In the public it became particularly as one of the chief executives for the problems with the structure of a Truck Mautsystems in Germany admits.

Mangold studied law and national economy in Geneva, London,Heidelberg and Munich. During its study it became member of the Corps Suevo Guestphalia Munich in the WSC. After its graduation in law 1973 was it in different trade associations and enterprises actively, among other things with the German Mexican Chamber of Commerce, with Thyssen and at the Federal association of the textile industry.1985 he became chairman of the board of the Rhodia AG (a company of the French chemical concern Rhône Poulenc) and 1991 chairmen of the board of the source Schickedanz AG.

1995 it became member of the executive committee of Daimler Benz at that time AG and chairman of the board of the subsidiary debis, today DaimlerChrysler Financial services AG.

Mangold, that exzellente contacts inthe German policy to be after-said, engaged itself already early for the introduction of a technically progressive Truck Mautsystems to Germany, which also telematics - would contain functions - an important business field debis/DaimlerChrysler services. During the establishment of the duty consortium madly Collect 2002 he became its supervisory board boss.After the technical problems and delays had become with structure of the Mautsystems larger and larger, Mangold turned out for the managing director of madly Collect, by the public criticism together with Michael Rummel, ever more strongly under pressure. According to press reports, which Mangold disclaimed however, there were also conflictsbetween him and the Telekom, that state the consortium together with DaimlerChrysler.

In December 2003 Klaus Mangold was replaced as a supervisory board boss from madly Collect by Peter Mihatsch, at the same time with the regular running out of its contract as a member of the executive committee of DaimlerChrysler. It separated from thatCompany out, remained however connected as advisors of the chairman of the board for Eastern Europe. Its successor as a chairman of the board of the DaimlerChrysler services became Bodo Uebber. After first large technical problems and delays in the structure the “world-wide most modern Mautsystem” is regarded now common as a large success - technicallyand financially.

Since 2000 is Mangold of chairmen of the east committee of the German economy,an organization, which is to promote exports of German companies to Eastern European countries; in addition it is “Federal Commissioner for foreign investments”. In March 2004 the former BDI demanded - chairmen Hans Olaf handle in several interviews that Mangoldfrom these offices to withdraw is, since it is abroad responsible to an immense reputation loss of the German economy for and this any longer reliably cannot represent. In June 2004 Mangold was confirmed of the members of the east committee for further four years than chairmen.

In January 2004became Mangold CO Chairman of the German Dependance of the Investmentbank Rothschild. In February 2004 it received the medals of a commander of the Ehrenlegion from the French state.


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