Klaus Miedel

Klaus Miedel (* 15. July 1915in Berlin; † 31. August 2000 in Berlin) was a German actor and synchronous speaker.


Miedel completed a play school in Cologne from 1933 to 1935 and gave 1935 as Lucentio in Shakespeares of the Widerspenstigen Zähmung in the city theatre Trier its stage debut. Whereupon commitments in Trier, Krefeld followed and unite stages of Berlin (theatre to the shipbuilder dam, lock park theatre as well as an activity of many years at the Schillertheater). Despite occasional appearances in television films and productions for the school television he was in motion picture films a rare guest. A larger role offered here above all the Curt Goetz to it - Remake Hokuspokus with Heinz resting man.

Since 1949 Miedel worked besides extensively at the broadcast (RIAS Berlin) and at the synchronisation. In its nearly 50 years comprehensive activity as synchronous speakers it became for many international colleagues the German standard voice, thus for Yul Brynner (among other things in Anastasia, the king and I or Morituri), Dean Martin (among other things in Ocean's Eleven/Frankie and its Spiessgesellen, filters against Chicago or everything around Anita) or Eli barrier oh (among other things in archie and Harry or the godfather III). Beyond that it e.g. synchronized. Louis de Funès (OSCAR has the trousers fully, Balduin, the safe breaker), Telly Savalas (murderer GmbH) or Donald Pleasence (the eagle is landed).

From 1980 to 1989 he spoke in addition in the popular radio play series of January Tenner the role professor Zweistein.

Klaus Miedel was since 1945 member of the cooperative of German stage members (GDBA) and was carrier of all decorations of the GDBA.

film and television (selection)

  • 1949 the blue swords
  • 1950 the hatchet from Wandsbek
  • 1950 roll-point - rescuer of the mothers
  • 1952 the trace leads 1954 Canaris
  • to Berlin
  • 1962 everyone dies for itself alone
  • 1966 Hokuspokus or: How do I let man disappear mine…?
  • 1969 the man with the glass eye
  • 1983 bridgings
  • 1984 scene: Free game

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