Klaus judge (right scientist)

Klaus judge (* 8. February 1965 in Saarbruecken) is a German right scientist.

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after its Abitur at the Ludwig High School Saarbruecken in the year 1985 it studied jurisprudence at the university of the Saarland and the Rheini Friedrich William university Bonn. The first and second legal state examination put he 1992 and/or. 1994 in the Saarland off.

scientific activity

in Saarbruecken it was following from 1993 to 1994 coworkers at the training staff of Dieter Bindzus, to 1998 scientific coworker at the chair of Professor. Elmar Wadle. At the University of potsdam it was 1999 scientific coworker of Professor. Stefan Saar. Afterwards it worked until 2005 as a scientific assistant of Professor. Christian Kirchner at the Humboldt university to Berlin.

Klaus judge attained a doctorate 1997 in Saarbruecken to the Dr. iur. In the year 2005 it over private autonomy and consumer protection in the light of the plans habilitierte for the creation of a European civil code. In August 2005 he was appointed at the Humboldt university the private lecturer with the training power in the subjects German historical jurisprudence and civil right.

publications (selection)

  • conflict guidance and conflict management by emperors Friedrich Barbarossa in the mirror of the Gesta Frederici Otto von Freising and Rahewins (http://www.jura.uni-sb.de/FB/LS/Wadle/gesta.htm).
  • Friedrich Barbarossa holds court. To the conflict management in 12. Century. Böhlau, Cologne 1999. ISBN 3412068993
  • German East Africa 1885 to 1890: On the way from the charter system to the realm colonial administration - a contribution for the condition history of the German colonies (http://www.rewi.hu-berlin.de/FHI/00_01/richt.htm).
  • German colonial right in East Africa 1885-1891. Peter Lang, Frankfurt/Main 2001. ISBN 3631375786
  • entry door revocation guideline and „scrap iron real estates, “together with Th. Cheese mountain, in: EuzW 2006, S. 46 - 49.
  • The citizen of Berlin draft for law of contract modernization and its perspectives for a reorganization of the BGB taken up in the competition with a European civil code, Humboldt forum right (http://www.humboldt-forum-recht.de/2-2006/index.html
  • ) private autonomy and consumer protection in the light of the plans for the creation of a European civil code - represented by the example of last salesman the latter, AcP 206 (number 1
  • ) Habilitationsschrift „the history of the early German trust right as history of the impact “, for publication to the row „unit of the society sciences “(publishing house Mohr/Siebeck, Tübingen).

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