Klaus Wildbolz

Klaus Wildbolz (* 25. August 1937 in Vienna, Austria) is a Austrian actor.

He is a broad public admits by innumerable TV series main roles such as lock hotel Orth, struggle race palace, hotel Paradies, a mountain doctor. In addition it played guest roles in crime films like the commissioner, the old person, Derrick among other things 1996 it worked scene in the scene sequence “- mine is the revenge” under the direction of Houchang Allahyari also, with Fritz Karl and Andrea dealer. After study at the max Reinhardt seminar and commitment at the theatre in the Josefstadt in Vienna, he became known to a broad public in the 70's by the presentation of the Fernsehquiz Schnick Schnack.

Wildbolz, which often participates when old timer running, has a twin brother, Jost Wildbolz, which lives as renowned painters in Switzerland.


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