Piano concert

a piano concert is a solo concert, in which the solo instrument is a piano, which is accompanied by the orchestra.

As a “inventor” of the piano concert Johann Sebastian brook is generally regarded, to that at the latest 1721 in its 5. Brandenburgi concert the Cembalo out its usual general bass - role extractedand it long-range solistische parts assigned. Brook reworked later still numerous further concerts for other instruments to Cembalokonzerten. For itself toward end 18. Century interspersing hammer piano solo concerts were written from the outset.

The piano concert is from the baroque to the modern trend in allTo find epochs. Oriented yourself it i. D. R. at the musical forms of the respective epochs.

In the baroque music the Cembalokonzert of the usual three-part form at that time follows. There are today interpreters, who specify baroque concerts on the modern piano.

The piano concert of the Viennese classical period orientsitself formally usually at the symphony/Sonatenhauptsatzform. It is characterized by an interrelation of orchestra and solo instrument in form of a with one another Konzertierens. Its pianistischen abilities the soloist in the cadence planned at the end of the header record can present him also the possibility for the improvisation, gives. Usually the solo play refers thereby thematically to the topics of the header record. The orchestra tacet during the cadence (=muss to be silent). Who may compose nor improvise neither, can fall back to finished cadences, which were noted by the composers or by other pianists.

Piano concerts of the romance deviate frequently from the rigid forms of the classical piano concert. There 19. Century numerous virtuose pianists brought out, who wished themselves a better presentation of their Könnens, shifted the emphasis of the interrelation between orchestras and soloists in favor of the soloists. From the interrelationbecame gradually alternating orchestra and pianist; in the solistischen part the orchestra essentially only a taking back company presents itself. A characteristic example for this are the piano concerts of Frédéric Chopin, which could be played completely also without orchestras, if thatPianist the orchestra part transliterated in piano version takes over.

The piano concert as independent musical form kept into the modern trend, besides in addition, other forms developed, which equally the Konzertieren of piano and orchestra plan, without piano concerts in the actual sense to be. Exemplarily for thisFranz Liszts “ Wanderer Fantasie (after Franz thrust ore) are “, César Francks “Sinfoni variations for piano and orchestra” or George Gershwins “Rhapsody in Blue”.

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