Nuthatch (kind)

nuthatch (Sitta europaea)
Subclass: Neukiefervögel (Neognathae)
order: Sparrow birds
subordination: Singing birds (Passeri)
family: Nuthatch (Sittidae)
kind: Sitta
scientific name
Sitta europaea
(Linnaeus 1758)

the nuthatch (Sitta europaea) is bird a kind from the family of the nuthatches.

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the name therefore agitates that the nuthatch the entrance of Bruthöhlen of other birds, as for example from woodpeckers, with loam sticks together, in order to use it. Nuthatches build the entrance of the nest straight so largely that them through-fit, in order to protect the cave against the access from Mardern or crows to. The nuthatch is also called “Spechtmeise”, there its way of life is reminded and its appearance of both birds - woodpeckers and Meisen -.


of the nuthatches is about fifteen centimeters large, the body is compact with short neck and very short tail. The bill is very strong. The top side is bluish gray and ocher-colored colored the lower surface to rust-red. Across the eyes a dark strip leads.

The nuthatch is a condition bird. Nuthatches are Turner and Kletterer at trunks and branches, and they are the only birds, which can down-run head over a trunk. That is possible for them, because their legs are in the center of the body. Thus it approaches more easily at booty, which hides itself in the crust which is away upward, like insects and crawler-type vehicles.

Nuthatches lay Bruthöhlen out with crust bits, hair, grass and feathers/springs. They put six to eight milchig white eggs with rust-red marks, them to 15 to 16 days trembling rods.

From January in the spring the males define their district with its call, a persistent like-like-like.


the eurasische nuthatch seems to northwest Africa and Asia (with exception of south and Southeast Asia) in 17 subspecies in Europe, thus from Great Britain to Japan, whereby the continental-European subspecies inhabits larger trees in leaves mixed woodlands , parks and gardens. In Germany approximately eight per cent of the global existence is resident, absolutely becomes the existence on 600.000 to 1.4 million breeding's pairs estimated.

The food consists mainly of insects, insect eggs and - larvae. In the autumn are added seeds, berries and Nüsse. The nuthatch wedges, hangs themselves larger booty animals into a crust column head under over and meisselt with the strong bill mouth-fair bites off. The nuthatch puts on fodder supplies.

The maximum age amounts to nine years (proof by ring finds). The nuthatch is a particularly protected kind.

bird of the yearly 2006

to 7. October 2005 was gekürt the nuthatch by the nature protection federation Germany to the bird of the yearly 2006.

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