Klemens Maria Hofbauer

Klemens Maria Hofbauer auf einer österreichischen Gedenkbriefmarke von 1970
Klemens Maria Hofbauer on a Austrian intending stamp of 1970

the holy Klemens Maria Hofbauer (* 26. Decembers 1751 in Tasswitz, south mähren, † 15. March 1820 in Vienna) was a well-known Prediger, member of the medal of the Redemptoristen and is City patron of Vienna. Until 1945 he was also protection patron Südmährens.


yard farmer was born as Johannes yard farmer as one of twelve children of the Czech cattle breeder and butcher Pavel Dvořák and the ethnic Germans nut/mother Maria (born Steer) of rural origin. In the Sudetenland the zugewanderteFather changed his names on the occasion of the wedding into the German-language equivalent. With six years Klemens Maria Hofbauer lost its father.

When child was it Ministrant in the local parish church, and there its nut/mother could not finance priesterliche training, it became 16-jährig first baker apprentice in Znaim. At conclusion it succeeded to the teachings to it, a place in the Prämonstratenserstift monastery-bridges to get, whereby it could visit the there monastery school. During this time it pilgerte already three times to Rome and went in Eremitage.

1780 came Klemens yard farmer only as a bakerto Vienna. In the context of a further Wallfahrt to Rome in the year 1783 it took von Tivoli and later Pope Pius VII. to the bishop under the Obhut of Barnabà Chiaramonti., the name Klemens on.

After the return to Vienna it knew finally the theology study onthe University of Vienna begin, where he learned 1784 its friend Thaddäus Hübl to know, with which it in Rome the acquaintance of the Redemptoristenordens made. The two occurred and became to 29. March 1785 in Alatri (South Italies) to priests geweiht, around then for the structure of oneAddress in the empire to be sent.

Due to the measures of the emperor Joseph II. turned out this venture as extremely difficult, whereby they went in the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, where them 1787 on request of the Nuntius the Pfarre pc. Benno in Warsaw von König Stanislaus Poniatowskione made available.

There yard farmer created with his medal brothers in the course of the time a school for poor children, a manual work school for girls and an orphanage. In the church fremdsprachige fairs were read. 1807 died Thaddäus Hübl at typhoid fever, and as only one year later,1808, which were from there driven out Redemptoristen on instruction Napoleon, it returned to its homeland Vienna.

As Kaplan and a rector with the Ursulinen found accomodation, busy it itself with the religious renewal in Vienna. There it became by its lectures in such a way admits that it thatSurname Apostel of Vienna was given. It was spied on by the police, because it was considered as an opponent of the clearing-up. At this time it maintained intensive contact to German romantics such as Clemens Brentano, Joseph of Eichendorff and Friedrich of Schlegel.

Klemens Maria Hofbauer deceased69-jährig in its room. Its body was buried at the romantic cemetery by Maria Enzersdorf with Mödling. That the Redemptoristen to 19. April 1820 by emperors Franz I. became again certified, and which was handed over to church Maria at the Gestade to the Kongregation, it could not scarcelymore experience. To 4. November 1862 its mortal remnants were transferred into this church.

Pope Leo XIII. spoke it to 29. Jänner 1888 blessedly, to 20. May 1909 it became by Pius X. holy spoken. Since 1914 he is national patron of Vienna.


in memory of its origin as bakers is geweiht to the anniversary with some measuring ceremonies pastry.

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