as the Klitoris (technical term Clitoris, latinisiert from old-Greek κλειτορίς, again Greek κλειτορίδα - „small hill “) or the Kitzler one designates a small cylindrical organ of the woman and all other female mammals formed of swelling body fabric. Evolutionary Klitoris goand the male acorn from same plants out.

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Klitoris with
1 acorn in the foreskin;
2 swelling bodies;
3 Kitzlerschenkel;
4 urethra delta;
5 forecourt swelling bodies
6 sheath opening

of the Kitzler consists of two, at the seat leg cutout (Arcus ischiadicus) fastened swelling body thighs (Crura clitoridis, singularly Crus clitoridis), which unite to the shank (corpus clitoridis). The free end is to the acorn (Glans clitoridis) extends. Besides the Kitzler possesses up to approx. 14,000 nerves - those are more than twice as much as in the male acorn. The Klitorisvorhaut protects the sensitive Klitoris.

Outwardly visibly are onlythe shank and the highly sensitive acorn, which are as part of the Vulva because of the front envelope fold of the small Schamlippen. Together they cover only one tenth of the total volume of the Klitoris.


of the Kitzler is strongly with nerve endings equipped and therefore particularlytouch-sensitively and sensitively to sexual attractions. By Stimulation of the Klitoris most women arrive at the Orgasmus. Many investigations, e.g. of Kinsey, it points out that a considerable portion of the women can come to the Orgasmus only ifthe Klitoris (along) is stimulated.

In the framework the mode to define highly sensitive erogene zones assuper Orgasmus points “was called the Kitzler by the British zoologist and behavior researcher the moon Morris also „C-point “.


the sensitivity of the Klitoris for direct stimulation is individually very differently. Some women are so sensitive that her a direct stimulation only after longer play or also not at all borne. Since the Klitoris, as described above, with which is closely connected to surrounding fabrics, different indirect Stimulationsformen is usualPractice.

In very rare cases one can be attributed as too small experienced sensitivity of the Klitoris to a too large Klitorisvorhaut. In extreme cases then a distance or a shortening of this foreskin would be conceivable. In contrast to this a comparable phenomenon leaves itself far more frequentlyto unawareness over anatomy or the existence of shame borders, the one certain Sexualität prevent. ref< name= " hair man 2005 ",> Claudia attribute hair man (2005):“Down 'rum…” - The shame is not past. Interior world publishing house, ISBN 3936360154< /ref>

Development with the embryo

whether itselfPenis with acorn or a Kitzler forms, over the payment by Testosteron is regulated. If this is disturbed, women can develop a penisartige Ausstülpung despite the gene set of XX, where with normal development the Klitoris sits. This disturbance is very rare.

With a too large Klitoris today also surgical reductions are accomplished. These are disputed, like almost all surgical changes of the body picture, since the size of a “normal” Klitoris is not biologically defined dependent on social normative influences and. In cases ofIntersexualität or if the woman concerned suffers under their disturbing large Klitoris can a surgical correction be attached nevertheless.

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