Case of knee of Warsaw

honour mark of the Jewish Ghettos

the case of knee of Warsaw von Willy Brandt found to 7. December 1970, the day of the signing Warsaw Treaty between Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany, instead of.

Willy Brandt fell after the wreath-laying before the honour mark of the Jewish Ghettos spontaneously on the knees and meant of the victims of the national socialism. The gesture Brandts was surprisingly, in Germany undisputed, did not contribute however to its reputation and that the Federal Republic abroad importantly. Probably for it it received the Nobel peace prize to 1971.

Egon Bahr remembered in an interview with the NDR the evening 7. December, on the case of knee addressed, answered Brandt: “I had suddenly the feeling, only one wreath/ring lay down am enough simply not!”. MIRRORS - according to inquiry 48% found the case of knee to the West German one exaggerated, 41% appropriately, 11% did not have an opinion.


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