Kniffel wird mit 5 Würfeln gespielt
Kniffel with 5 cubes played

Kniffel or Yahtzee is a cube play, of Hasbro and/or. Schmidt of plays is also prefabricated offered. Since however for the play only one Würfelbecher with five cubes and write things are necessary, it becomesfrequently without the preprinted block and with modified rules easily.

Each player has a small note, into which he must register its results.

On the note the following plays are made:


  • Only ones count
  • only two count
  • only threecount
  • only four count
  • only if Fünfen count
  • only Sechsen count

if one with collecting in the sum at least 63 points got, there is a bonus of 35 points.

Other plays:

  • Dreierpasch: To three cube equal - all eyes count
  • Viererpasch: To four cube equal - all eyes count
  • fill House : Three equivalent cubes and the two other cubes are directly - 25 points
  • small road: 1-2-3-4, 2-3-4-5, 3-4-5-6 and any other cube - 30 points
  • large road:1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6 - 40 points
  • Kniffel : To five cube equal - 50 points
  • to chance : All eyes count

if one a result into a field register, with which the condition is not fulfilled (z. B. if with the field Dreierpaschthree equal cube are not), then the field is painted or the score “0” is registered, what is equivalent.

If one already registered a Kniffel under “Kniffel” with 50 points and still another further Kniffel receives, then this Kniffel can into any free field under “other plays” to be registered with 100 points, under “collecting” with 100 + the cubes which can be counted - whereby the 100 points are not taken in account however with the computation of the bonus.

If one no Kniffelunder “Kniffel” registered (z. B. Kniffel painted), one can use a Kniffel also as fill House (25 points).

One can use a “large road” also as “small road” and counts there also only 30 points.

If the play note is full, sothe play is terminated and the points of collecting and the other plays and the bonus is possibly added. It wins the player with most points.

rule variants

of interesting it becomes, if one introduces the so-called “sharp variant”.The score of the following throws may be doubled, as long as it “in a throw” (thus with all 5 cubes in the cup” one gewürfelt: Dreierpasch, Viererpasch, fill House, small road, large road, Kniffel. Throws such as chance or everything for the +35 bonusesnecessary throws are not doubled. It does not play a role whether one z. B. in the first throw directly points it keeps a “Kniffel” with then 100 instead of 50 sharp or whether one gets only two throws long nothing useful, and then indoes third all cubes again in cups, in order to receive in last the something “sharp”. As soon as one does not do however at least one cube of a result of cube again into the cup back, the throw does not apply any longer than sharply. With this variantthe altogether Punktezahlen is much higher; it occurs already that one comes at the 300 or 400, rarely even at 500 (with the rule down).

Another variant is the strict Kniffel, by collecting above with “ones” begins andthen the fields downward plays to the end, until one plays as last play “chance”. A Kniffel, which one gets before the field Kniffel, one does not count as Kniffel: If one gets a Kniffel in a Dreierpasch, one counts also onlyas Dreierpasch (z. B. with Sechsen 30 points), only a Kniffel in chance can 100 count, if one had before a Kniffel. A Kniffel in fill House counts as fill House.

Another variant is that one plays four columns at the same time. EveryoneColumn has thereby its peculiarities:

1. Column: Must be registered from top to bottom (D. h. One first etc.) 2. Column: From bottom to top (D. h. Chance first) 3. Column: After the first throw must be announced, on whichField in the third column one aims at. 4. Column: freely, D. h. no restrictions

if one a field for 3. Column announces and the result after the third attempt is not satisfying, must one either the throw register ora field of its choice in one of the four columns paint. Capers must one also, if the throw without announcement does not contain anything usable. Who reaches altogether by means of 1000 points, a good result obtained.

With the play on 3 columns is 800Scores the magic border, which decides between cube masters and Kniffel Lümmel.


Sachsenkniffel “is called another cube play, which is contentwise not related to it however only in particular ajar against the Kniffel and.

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