Bildschirmfoto von Knoppix 5.0
screen photo of Knoppix 5,0
base data
developers: Klaus Knopper
version: 5.0 (9. March 2006 CeBIT)
family tree: \ Linux
\ Debian GNU/Linux
License: GPL
other: Price: free of charge
language: German, uvm.

Knoppix is onefree Linux distribution, as liveCD directly of CD/DVD to start leaves itself contained and to KDE , , Gimp , Mozilla , XChat , Gaim and many other programs. It was developed by Klaus Knopper, by itsNames also the designation Knoppix is derived, as well as from a team of further programmers. Knoppix is attached now and then to computer journals and is based on a mixture from Debian GNU/Linux Unstable and Testing.

Table of contents

basic principle of Knoppix

the basic principle and success that liveCD is that one can test a computer on Linuxtauglichkeit without installation on the non removable disk, D. h. upthe non removable disk operating system up-to-date present one does not disturb. A further ability of Knoppix is the automatic hardware recognition and - configuration of linuxunterstützter hardware when starting. Although Knoppix for the live-CD enterprise is meant, the possibility of a non removable disk installation is nevertheless intended. Knoppix leavesitself with QEMU, CCU - emulator, even under Windows start.

Since the version 3.8 Knoppix supports the UnionFS - technology, i.e. that write protected contents of the CD-ROM with the RAM disk can be mixed and changed/supplemented thus, thusamong other things the installation of additional software into the live-system inside is possible.

Knoppix is member in the DCC.

expenditures, modifications and advancements

there Knoppix free software is, gives it some distributions, the techniques of Knoppixtake over (in the first place the hardware recognition). Knoppix offers itself for the setting up own distributions in the special one, since on the one hand the free Debian system serves as basis (and thus a freely copyable basis forms) - and on the other hand the Knoppix team the simplificationan installation develops further. Knoppix New editions appear at present regularly every few months.

In the following the most well-known and most important modifications are enumerated, an extensive list are in the article list of Linux distributions in the section starting medium: CD (liveCD).

  • Morphix - modified version ofKnoppix
  • Kanotix uses the Knoppix technology, be based however purely on Debian simmer and improves thereby above all the non removable disk installation and an updating. - Also as 64bit - and DVD - version available.
  • Gnoppix is ideally dearer for those, with the graphicUser surface of GNOMES work.
  • Damn Small Linux - only 50 MT largely
  • LAMPPIX to regard (over on that CD stored web page; see Wikipedia CD)
  • TYPO3-LIVE - Completely executable system of the CMS TYPO3
  • LG3D LiveCD was based up to the version 2.2 on GamesKnoppix(starting from 2.3 on SLAX). To make with LG3D LiveCD tries Suns 3D-Desktop LG3D on liveCD accessible
  • a Berry Linux is a Japanese distribution, which combines Knoppix with Fedora core.
  • Knoppix became also from the Federal Office for security in thatInformation technology supports and distributes.
  • In the year 2003 a special variant for parents and children was presented: Knoppix For Kids.
  • With GamesKnoppix there is also a variant, which consists only of plays.
  • gibbix (distribution of the commercial gewerblich-Industriellen vocational school Berne)
  • Grml (distributionfor Texttools fans and administrators)
  • the Green youth has for her - campaign a Knoppix variant develops with a snapshot of the German-language Wikipedia.
  • INSERT (Inside Security Rescue Toolkit) is a mini Linux with Tools to the data rescue and network analysis
  • Knoppicillin is regularlyon that booklet CD c't, was supplemented around the virus CAN functions and reduced to text mode.
  • Knoppix STD (= Security Tools distribution) is e.g. a Knoppix with numerous network and Sicherheits Tools. the search for a root kit or a forensische systems analysis make possible.
  • Quantian is optimized on quantitative, numerical analyses and scientific methods. It develops on Knoppix and ClusterKnoppix.
  • Xfld is a Knoppix derivative, which “a current Xfce uses as Desktop environment " (quotation homepage). (It could be interesting thus for all the user,.) WHAX - in former times as Whoppix well-known - looks for the one slim and resources-careful ( performante however nevertheless) alternative
  • to GNOMES - or KDE - the surface departed from Knoppix and constructs since the 3er version on the SLAX liveCD .
  • Wienux- A distribution, particularly laid out for the employment in authorities
  • Accelerated KNOPPIX - needs while the raising of CD only 60 seconds and less (depending upon hardware)


version date
2,1 14. March 2002
2,2 27. July 2002
3,1 19. January 2003
3,2 26. July 2003
3,3 16. February 2004
3,4 17. May 2004
3,5 20. June 2004
3,6 16. August 2004
3,7 8. December 2004
3,8 10. March 2005
3.8.1 12. April 2005
3.8.2 17. May 2005
3,9 1. June 2005
4,0 22. June 2005
4.0.1 28. August 2005
4.0.2 24. September 2005
5,0 9. March 2006


  • Hattenhauer, Rainer: The large book Knoppix, DATA Becker publishing house, 2003, ISBN 3815825199
  • Immler, Christian;Immler, walter:The Franzis manual Knoppix, Franzis publishing house, 2005, ISBN 3772361498
  • Immler, Christian; Immler, walter: Knoppix 4,0 M. DVD, Franzis publishing house, 2005, ISBN 3772370179
  • Immler, Christian; Immler, walter: Knoppix 4,0 M. CD, Franzis publishing house, 2005, ISBN 377237185X
  • Kyle Rankin: Knoppix Hacks, O'Reilly, 2005, ISBN 3-89721-404-0

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  • interview with Klaus Knopper on the Berlinux 2005 with radio Netwatcher on ORANGE 94,0 (on-line available)

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Wikibooks: Knoppix practice - learning and teaching materials
Commons: Knoppix - pictures, videos and/or audio files

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