Knut baron von Kühlmann-Stumm

Knut baron von Kühlmann-Stumm (* 17. October 1916 in Munich; † 19. January 1977 in bath Soden Salmünster) was a German politician (FDP, late CDU)

lives and occupation

of coolingman mute visited the boarding school Salem at the Bodensee, where he puts the middle ripe one down. Subsequently, bank teachings in Berlin complete. After successful buyer apprentice's final examination it occurs into the armed forces, to which it belongs up to the end of war 1945.

After the return from the war shank transfers he country and forest-economical enterprise to RAM wood, circle Schlüchtern and becomes general representative of several German breed cattle export enterprises.

a party

original was from coolingman-mutely member of the FDP, whose hessian regional-level party council it belonged since 1956. 1972 it leaves the liberals from protest against the new east politics and follows the CDU .


of belonged coolingman-mutely the German Bundestag of 1960, when it advanced for the deceased max of Becker, until on 1976. After the entrance of his predecessor Erich Mende into the Federal Government it became to 5. November 1963 to the party head of the liberals selected. It practiced this office up to 23. January 1968 out. From protest against the new east politics of the government Brandt/cross-eyed tunes from coolingman-mutely with the constructional vote of no confidence against Federal Chancellors Willy Brandt (SPD) to 27. April 1972 for the opposition candidate Rainer Barzel (CDU), although it belongs still to the government party FDP. Logically it tunes to 17. May 1972 also against the east contracts and leaves afterwards the liberals. With the new elections start from coolingman-mutely then for the CDU and also again into the Bundestag one selects.


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