Kościuszko rebellion

Kościuszko rebellion 1794

the Kościuszko rebellion was a military collection of Polish Patrioten under the guidance of Tadeusz Kościuszko in the year 1794, which was directed against the divisions of Poland.

After the first division of Poland 1772 between Prussia, Russia and Austria as well as the second division 1793 between Prussia and Russia Poland only one remainder area of approximately 230,000 km had remained ² and about 4.4 million inhabitants and actually no lebensfähiges state thing more. The government had been forced besides by neighbour powers to accomplish a reduction of the troop on 15.000 men which led in the army to large discontent. As itself the brigade of the general Madalinski to 12. March 1794 in Ostrołęka of the dissolution opposed and after Krakau marched, was this the signal to the rebellion. A group of Polish Patrioten had prepared it from Saxonia. Hope to get assistance from the revolutionary France to did not go however into fulfilment.

To 24. March announced the Tadeusz Kościuszko on the market place, hurried rapidly after Krakau, the rebellion, to no more in a Adelskonföderation (as for instance in the Konföderation of bar 1768), but than rising of the people. Kościuszko, which had participated in the US-American war of independence, proclaimed itself to the dictator, until he could hand the force to a freely selected over Reichstag.

With the few regular troops and a contingent of rapidly muster farmers, who were also armed straight-forged scythes, succeeded it to 4. April with Raclawice a victory over a Russian department, but the break-through to Warsaw did not succeed. A rebellion in Warsaw drove out to 17. /18. April the there Russian garrison. But starting from June Russian and Prussian troops pushed the rebellion into the defensive, and after Kościuszkos defeat with Szczekociny to 6. June was occupied Krakau by Prussian troops. Disputes among allied Prussia and Russians made a successful defense in the middle of of July for Kościuszko possible besieged Warsaw, from which even took Prussia off, but in the same time Wilna was lost , and with the advance Suvorov the insurgent ones came to a further Russian army under Alexander into a hopeless situation. To 10. October was struck Kościuszko with Maciejowice southeast from Warsaw destroying and caught. One month later Warsaw capitulated. The destroying defeat of the rebellion led to the third division of Poland.


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