Uganda Kob
Order: Paarhufer (Artiodactyla)
subordination: Wiederkäuer (Ruminantia)
family: Horn carrier (Bovidae)
Unterfamilie: Reduncinae
kind: Water supports (Kobus)
kind: Kob
scientific name
Kobus kob
(Erxleben, 1777)

the Kob (Kobus kob) is an African Antilope from the kind of the water supports. It resembles the Puku in the size and in the appearance, why sometimes it is counted to the same species as these. The Kob seems to Central Africa only in west - and, from Senegal over Nigeria andthe southern Sudan into the west of Uganda.

The stämmige male can weigh with a Schulterhöhe from 90 cm to 120 kg. It has a muskulösen neck and strong, leierförmige horns. The female does not carry horns. Due to the colouring one differentiates several subspecies.The Kob is red-brown colored mostly, carries a white mark at the neck and black design at the front of the runs. At the lower surface they are white.

Kob live in washing levels and hilly area and are bound at continuous waters. Here they live on grass.

The femalesform herds from 15 to 40 animals. Males are territorial loners. As is the case for related Letschwe are very small the districts at more closely population; they have sometimes a diameter of only 100 m, and a male is able to hold this small territory often only few days.

Although some specialists up to thirteen different subspecies described, mostly just three are differentiated:

  • Buffon Kob (K. k. kob), west Africa from Senegal to Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic of
  • Weissohr Kob (K. k. leucotis), the Sudan, northwest Uganda
  • Uganda Kob (K. k. thomasi), the northern Congo, southwest Uganda

the name “Kob” became the Wolof - language takes.

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