Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bean Bryant [ˈkoʊbiˈbiːnˈbɹaɪənt] (* 23. August 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an US-American basketball - players.

Bryant is the son of the NBA - player Joe Jellybean Bryant and its Mrs. Pamela Cox, the sister of the NBA player John Chubby Cox.

After successful a basketball Highschool career in Philadelphia Bryant started in the age of 18 years in the NBA, and first by the Charlotte Hornets was obligated.

He was however never used for the Hornets, because after the obligation he changed already briefly in the exchange approximately Vlade Divac to Los Angeles the Lakers. Although still young and something introvertiert, Bryant already impressed its team colleagues in training by its immense talent.

Its lightning career as NBA players was unusual. At the age of 24 years Bryant had already achieved many singles match he prices, and was several timesselected in the all star team of the NBA. It is regarded as one of the best players of the NBA. Bryant help Los Angeles the Lakers to three NBA Meistertiteln. Together with its kongenialen fellow player Shaquille O'Neal formed the two the best tandem of the last decade and one for the bestall times.

Bryants youth, style, appearance and success as basketball players made him one of the most popular players of the NBA, and lent to him thereby highest market value. But after its rape process (see below) it lost rapidly at prestige, up to the Tiefpunkt, to embody in it all thisseemed, what made the NBA bad. Meanwhile however its image normalized itself, not also because of its constantly outstanding achievements this season.

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KobeBryant is a polarizing personality. Its talent is unmistakable, and until recently Bryant was considered as the model of the “new black youth”: successfully, smart and eloquent. But with the rape process (see below) the image changed itself suddenly, and uncomfortable opinions penetrated to the daylight.

Rape process

to 17. July 2003 accused it the hotel employee Katelyn Faber of the rape. The legal proceedings began to 9. October 2003 in Eagle County, Colorado. At the 1. September 2004 was stopped it, since the woman withdrew her loading statement. Bryants image suffered much from thatProcess. In the meantime its life normalized itself however again. Its large sponsor Nike switched advertisements with Kobe Bryant in the summer 2005 again. Among other things Kobe possesses now also its own brand name.

Phil Jackson

after the turbulent season 2003-04, in that the Lakerswhen huge favorites lost against Detroit Pistons, coach Phil Jackson in its book The load Season wrote: A team in search OF Its Soul that Bryant is extremely talentiert, in addition, a befremdlichen mix from arrogance, narrow-mindedness and Unreife show. This becomes thereindokumentiert, dass sich Bryant während seines Vergewaltigungsprozesses offenbar von den Lakers ungerecht behandelt fühlte, weil ihm das Lakers-gesponsorte Flugzeug, in dem er zu den Prozessen flog, zu klein sei, und dass Bryant die Angewohnheit habe, ihm unliebsame Anweisungen scheinbar abzunicken, und dann nicht umzusetzen. Bryantrepresented O'Neal, as professional team players a described Karl Malone, Rick Fox or Derek Fisher or the honestly failing Gary the Payton gets away very negative in this book , compared with as childlike, but loyal.

Bryant had a feud of many years in this timewith its team colleague Shaquille O'Neal, which seems terminated after a discussion however recently. Jackson is by the way pikanterweise in this season again its coach, and up to now this connection proved as very fruitful.

Nevertheless Bryant ever belongs to the best players thosein the NBA were active. It plays in this season better than before and is despite its young age a safe candidate for the basketball resounds to OF Fame.


to 18. April 2001 he married Vanessa Cornejo Ubrieta Laine in Dana POINT, California. Bryants father broke thereupon the relationship with him off, since he did not agree with the Latin American descent of the bride. Bryants daughter Natalia became to 19. January 2003 born.

He speaks flowing Spanish and Italian; he spent a partits childhood in Italy, where its father was busy as professional basketball players.


to 22. It ever reached January 2006 in a play against the Toronto of RWS gate with 81 points the second highest into the NBA reached score (to the 100 pointsof Wilt Chamberlain). This is the score highest with distance, those in the “modern era” of the basketball was obtained (Chamberlain obtained its points in a time, where there were neither 3-Sekunden-Regel nor 3-point throws). As note it may be noted that Bryants own fellow players it thereafterasked to sign the box Scores (printed out play statistics) and that the resounding speaker asked all spectators to keep their tickets.

It had by the way obtained short time before against the Dallas Mavericks in only three quarters of 62 points, before it went voluntarily out of the play, there italready after three quarters was decided: at the end of the third quarter the Lakers had 95 points, from those Bryant alone 62 points had obtained and Dallas altogether 61.


few days ago confirmed Bryant in addition that it with the next basketball world championship2006 and the olympic plays in Peking will play 2008 for the team the USA. Besides it will accumulate as starter for the west (to the 7mal) in the universe star Game in Houston.

At the 3. March 2006 reached Bryant a further NBA record, than it at the age of 27Years and 192 days the 16 ' 000. Point of its NBA career obtained. Thus it undercut the previous record owner Wilt Chamberlain by four days.


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