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Ein Koch am Buffet
A cook at the Buffet

cook is in the German-speaking countries the name for a person, who prepares meals professionally.

The cook is actually an occupation, that more thatArts as the handicraft to add would be. Those in terms of figures still few professional women of this guild call themselves today usually also cook and not cook, in order to avoid the association with housemaids. The ship cook has whether its usually smudgy and dirty exterior of the crew thatPointed name Smutje (of down German dirt smutt) receive.

In Germany the cook is a teaching profession, which requires one main graduation and three years training. In these three years, those in an enterprise and in the vocational school z. B. in bath Überkingen take place, learn one apart from cookingalso further important organizational and commercial talents and knowledge, which have to do with the kitchen. Important fan for a cook are for example: Nourishing teachings, goods customer and storekeeping as well as hygiene.

Each cook can specialize still further, for example as Saucier, Entremetier, the meadow or Pâtissier. In large kitchens the kitchen boss trains a team of cooks, its deputy is a Sous boss.

The art to prepare from food by cooking, roast, steams or other procedures as tasty, easily digestible and nutritious and also still healthy a meals as possible hadalready in the antique one achieves high conditions. Since after antique aspect a good nutrition was connected directly with the health, the cook co-operated frequently with physicians.

The cook art came from the asiatic countries to Greece and then to Italy. Under the Roman emperorsAugustus and Tiberius gave already it to schools of the cook art. In old Rome cooks were mostly slaves, preferably Greeks. Cooks were like and expensively and one paid horrende prices for good cooks.

In the Middle Ages the kitchen was particularly maintained by the monasteries and continued to develop. Modern one Cook art originates from Italy (for instance since that 16. Century) and was introduced from there out by Katharina from Medici to France, which carried their own cooks forward with its wedding with Heinrich to France.

At the yard by Ludwig XIV. already reached the French kitchen theirfirst bloom, which unfortunately suffered deep setbacks during the French revolution. The most well-known kitchen boss of this time is Vatel, which killed itself allegedly, when he was not able to cook adequately for his rule.

In 19. Century recovered the French cook artof revolution and crises. The rising Bourgeoisie democratized gradually with successes and setbacks also the kitchen.

For many years the best cooks always came France. So Bocuse , the brothers Troisgros, are Haeberlin all together pupils of F. POINT. They publiciseda kitchen, which blows Landesprodukte changed into simple and good-tasting meals should. The Nouvelle Cuisine developed from the Diätküche (vegetable, gedünstetes meat, little fat). The pupils of Bocuse, kind of hitting a corner funny man and cellar work also in Germany.

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