Cook art

the cook art is to be prepared the art and technology made of food enjoyable meals for humans tastily and optically probably-obligingly/pleasingly. It knows all practical concepts for the selection and the purchase added gathers, those on the production of a meal, their preparation, the used implements, which are received cook methods and the different existing conception and serving methods. The cook art becomes from its products, which are present by the trade at the place or, like also from regional and nationaltypical eating habits of humansaffected. It stands in a relationship with the Önologie as well as board art and is a central component of the catering trade.

history of the European kitchen

all cultures and regions of Europe had in the time before the Renaissance mainly due tothe regionally available food own courts, styles and cook habits brought out, which had been established as regional kitchen. With the time of the Renaissance and the new food, which arrived by discoveries mainly to Europe, thus new courts could arranged, in addition,the new creation of proven courts to be made possible. Since that 20. Century improved production, transport and trade, the keeping and dressing of food in enormous measures. Beside the traditional regional kitchen restaurants have since then the possibility, food outto process other parts of the world and to serve the meals developed from it.

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