the column (of Latin: columna, ‚column `) designation in the printing to the side arranged the set of a printing element, with sentence over several columns, like also with newspapers usually, its individual columns.

In the press the term is located particularly for a journalistic form, a short opinion contribution,over no more than one newspaper column does not extend. These columns appear usually regularly in same place with same title, as „the Streiflichtto the South German newspaper or as name column of an individual author. Der Kolumne nahe stehend und nicht klar von ihr zu unterscheidenare the gloss and the comment.

The first Zeitungskolumnist was John Hill, to 11. March 1751 with a daily column in „London Advertiser “and „the Literary Gazette “began. It wrote under the alias „the supervisor “.

Many well-known writersused the column as medium, it, before the break-through succeeded to them as a writer, was was it thereafter (there them by newspaper publishers lucrative fees to be offered, in order to be able to use the advertising effect of the famous name; something similar applies to no longer active politicians).

Often those becomesColumn also of the publisher of the block letters in form of a Editorials for the statement of the sheet line and as statement on current events uses.

Some well-known columnists:


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