Amusing opera Berlin

the amusing opera Berlin is an opera house in the district center of Berlin.

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history of the building and the residentsStages

the building 1891 became - 1892 as theatre under the lime trees by Viennese the architect's office Fellner & Helmer under the architect Ferdinand Fellner D. J. built and to 24. September 1892 with a performance of Adolf Ferrons Operette Daphne and Gaul and hate rider ballet The world in picture and dance opens.

In the year 1898 as well as

a renaming in Metropol theatres one specified Berlin, amusing opera after changes for re-opening Julius of friend revue Paradies of the women . (Reference: The house was called 1898-1934 Metropol theatres, is however neither identical to thatto today's Metropol theatres, the former admiral palace in the Friedrichstrasse, nor exists any connection with the Metropol at the Nollendorfplatz.)

1934 the house renamed into national Operettentheater, to 7. May 1944 by bombs destroys, partly provisionally again prepared and to 9. March 1945 again throughBombs destroys.

After provisional repairs between 1946 and 1947 the house became to 23. December 1947 as amusing opera with Johann bunch ' the bat again-opens. A completely new ensemble was created and again developed by the Kapellmeister Leo Spies an orchestra; the housewalter rock stone from 1947 to its death led in the year 1975, which established the “concert hall “at German stages. (Reference: 1905 in Berlin justified amusing opera in one theatre buildings any longer not existing in the Friedrichstrasse at the feasting bunting bridge, the first amusingOperas, then Operetten and into the 1920er years usually revues played, had neither spatially nor personnel with the today's amusing opera to do.)

1965 - 1966 were modernized the front by the architect collective Kunz Nierade and the house to 4. December 1966 with the Mozarts Don Giovanni opens again. 1986, 1987 and 1989 took place the last modernization work. The house has today a capacity of 1.270 seats.

artistic profile

the name ” amusing opera “ refers one to the tradition of the French Opéra comique and their requirementmodern concert hall. For the season 2002/03 Andreas Homoki is after work for many decades of Harry copper a new chief director of the house. To the side Kirill Petrenko stands for it as a head conductor. The new line team is anxious, the amusing opera Berlin on the basis of rock stone vision oneto renew strong into the society of in-working concert hall. The first two play times under Andreas Homokis line occupy this exemplary particularly at the selection of the directors, who work here. The amusing opera Berlin, from which substantial impulses for the development of the concert hall proceeded, wants todaythe effect of these impulses point out, by presenting the whole width of the spectrum of contemporary direction handwriting. Thus succeeded, directors like Peter Konwitschny, Hans new rock, Willy Decker, Barrie Kosky, binding smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Jones and Calixto Bieito on a long-term basis to the house. Sincethe play time 2004/05 is Andreas Homoki director of the house.

The repertoire of the house covers today a broad spectrum of operas 18. Century up to key works of our time and premieres. The fact that all operas are specified in German language places today a characteristic ininternational opera enterprise. Also this artistic basic decision decreases/goes back on walter rock stone and is expression of its striving for comprehensibility and direct effective force of the theatrical event, which remained to today guide obligatory on the work of the amusing opera Berlin.

The ballet of the amusing opera, 1966 from Tom Schilling as dance theatres of the amusing opera based and nearly 30 years long successfully led, ranks among the Compagnien renowned also internationally. Numerous Ur and first performances and the different stylistic handwriting of the Choreographen lent its own artistic profile to the ensemble. 1999 became thatDance theatre in Berlin ballet - amusing opera renamed. After smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wherlock, which the ballet of 1999 - 2001 led, was the Spaniard Blanca left of 2001 and 2002 Chefchoreographin and artistic chief of the Compagnie. Afterwards Adolphe binder was an artistic chief of the Balletts and ensured alsoProductions such as Casa and Screensaver for an adjustment on first and premieres within the range of the contemporary dance theatre. For the end of the play time 2003/04 the dance theatre on pressure citizens of Berlin of the senate was dissolved.

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