Commission for the determination of the financial requirement of the broadcasting corporations

the commission for the determination of the financial requirement of the broadcasting corporations (KEF) examines the financial requirement of the public broadcast in Germany and recommends to the state parliaments the appointment of broadcast fees, which are then drawn in by the GEZ. Legal basis thatKEF is the broadcast financing convention, which regulates both the height of the fees as well as the distribution of the means.

The KEF has 16 members, that will appoint from the Prime Ministers of the countries for 5 years. Their office is in Mainz.

After the Federal Constitutional Court in its 8. Broadcast judgement had deplored, the KEF procedure corresponds not to state independence demanded by the condition, because the KEF was “an auxiliary instrument of the conference of Prime Minister”, the KEF procedure 1997 was only changed. Since then the KEF a call has itself as “a kind UN of the medium landscape “(Citizen of Berlin daily mirror 27. June 2005, S. to 27) acquired and is considered as independent and objective.

The KEF procedure runs in three stages:

  1. Registration of the need by the public broadcasting corporations with the KEF,
  2. examination by the KEF,
  3. appointment of the fees by the state parliaments, however only the social compatibilitythe fee to examine may.

Although the KEF reports are very essentially formulated, there were quite cases, in those the KEF of projects of pool of broadcasting corporations and Second Channel of German Television stopped as for example the Internet projects (Internet offensive) of the WDR director Fritz Pleitgen planned with 350 million Marks.

Tasks of the KEF:

  • at least. everythingtwo years report to the countries
  • financial situation of the broadcasting corporations state
  • evt. Height and time for a change of the broadcast fee recommend
  • statement for the financial adjustment of the broadcasting corporations

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