Local election

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The local election is the action for the fulfilment of the order for condition according to kind. 28 exp. 1 sentence 2 of the Basic Law, after that the districts and Municipalities an agency of the people to have must. The elections to the local agencies effected like the remaining elections after the principles of the general, free, secret, same and direct choice. The regulations for the choice of the local agencies takes place via Landesgesetz. Therefore also a different picture is thatto find further arrangement of the elections:

  • The 5%-Klausel does not apply in all Lands of the Federal Republic. Several local legislation orders exhibit the possibilities of cumulating and Panaschierens . Also the electoral periods are constantly different from 4 to 6 years.
  • The active right to vote is partly already granted starting from 16 years, otherwisealso the foreigners with the nationality European Union - of a state are entitled to vote (kind. 28 exp. 1 sentence 3 GG).

The local elections make possible to participate because of the limited subject of the local legislation also groups of voters, which do not attain the status of a party, in the elections (so-called. City hall parties). Parties and groups of voters,neither in the agency body concerned nor in the Bundestag or a federal state parliament, usually support signatures are represented must to show be able, in order to become certified the choice.


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