Udzima wa Komori (komor.)
union of the Comores (frz.)
Union of the Comoros
Flagge der Komoren Wappen der Komoren
(detail) (detail)
Wahlspruch: “Unité - Justice - Progrès”
French: „Agreement, justice, progress “
office languages French, Arab, Comorian
Capital Moroni
system of government Präsidialrepublik
president Azali Assoumani
surface 2,170 km ²
number of inhabitants 651,901 (July 2004)
population density of 300 inhabitants per km ²
gros domestic product/inhabitant 499 US-$ (2004)
independence from France to 6. July 1975
currency Comoros franc
time belt UTC +3
national anthem Udzima wa ya Masiwa
Kfz characteristic COM
Internet TLD .km
preselection +269
Komoren in Afrika
Karten der Komoren

the Comoros (komor.: قمر Komori, frz.: Comores [kɔˈmɔːʀ]) are an island state in the Indian ocean. The name of the Comoros comes from the Arab Dschuzur aluminium-Qamar (جزرالقمر), which as moon islands is called as many.

  • Currency: 1 Comoros franc (fiber plastic) = 100 cents. 1€ = 491.9677 fiber plastics
  • national holiday: 4. July
  • religion: 98% Sunniten, 2% catholic

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Klimadiagramm Moroni/Komoren
climatic diagram Moroni/Comoros

the Comoros consists of the three islands Grande Comore (Ngazidja), Anjouan (Nzwani) and Moheli (Mwali). They lie in the channel of Mozambique, north of Madagascar, and east of of Mozambique northern part. The likewise to the Comorian archipelago countingIsland Mayotte represents a French overseas territories, however by the union of the Comoros is stressed. The Comoros belong inclusive Mayotte to the continent Africa. The Inselgruppe covers several small Koralleninseln. The climate is tropical with 12 humid months.

ThatHeart of the Hauptinsel, the Grande Comore, is the 2461 meters high still active volcano Karthala. It lies in the center of the island and has the largest Krater of all terrestrial volcanos. The Karthala had the last larger outbreak in the year 1977.A whole village was rolled over by the lava, and everything was destroyed. At the beginning of of 2005 gave it a smaller outbreak; fortunately there was neither to explosion nor lava. Only ash covered a considerable part of the volcano after the outbreak.

The largestCities are (conditions 1. January 2005):Moroni of 42,872 inhabitants, Mutsamudu of 23,594 inhabitants, Fomboni of 14,966 inhabitants, Domoni of 14,509 inhabitants and Tsémbehou inhabitant 11.552.

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the inhabitants of the Comoros are a population of mixing from Arabs, Madagassen, Bantu (descendant of African slaves), Indian and Indo Melanesiern; in addition some hundred Europeans come. The population growth and high unemployment lead to emigration, particularly to Madagascar. The majority of the population professes itself to the Islam.Half of the population illiterates are round.


major item: History of the Comoros


sound condition of 1996 are the Comoros an Islamic republic. Head of state is for six years a directly selected president.The legislation is at the Presidential Election Council with 42 on four years selected delegates. Since 1990 there is a multiple party system. A strongest political party is the Rassemblement national pour le Développement. Highest legal instance is the highest Court of Justice.


The Comoros rank among the poorest countries in the world. The agriculture including fishing, the hunt and forestry forms nearly the only basis of the economy.

The Comoros have an only insufficient transport system and have a young, fast growingPopulation with small natural resources. The level of education is small and favoured so the Subsistenzwirtschaft, high unemployment and a large dependence on assistance from the foreign country. The agriculture produces 40% of the gross national product and employs 80% of the workingPopulation. Agricultural products place the largest part of export.

coordinates: 12° 11 ' S, 44° 14 ' O


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