Company commander

a company commander is fundamental a military leader and an officer. , Like the name says, the guidance of a company or a comparable unit is incumbent on it.


as a subunit commander, so the official, neutral designation, is he military superiors of all officers, NCOs and crews of its unit. Additional it is opposite civilian employees instruction.

The personnel and material responsibility of his unit, it is incumbent on it supervises the training, leads it in combat and accomplishes if necessary educational and discipline acres measures. In accordance with the military disciplinary regulation it is Disziplinarvorgesetzter of all itsubordinated soldiers.

In the rank the company commander is usually captain, rare first lieutenant or a major.

With the artillery, the army antiaircraft troops the company commander becomes the battery commander, with the Air Force and the army aviators the squadron commander. At troop schools the comparable utility position inspection boss is called.


in the Austrian federal army the company commander as a commander of company one designates. On the whole the function resembles however that of the company commander to a large extent.


in Swiss army is called the company commander commander of company (kp of Kdt). On the whole resemblesthe function however that of the company commander to a large extent. During his practical service the commander of company is in the rank of a first lieutenant. After the attendance of the so-called. Guidance training course 1 (FLG I) and that so-called. Abverdienen (practical service) is expressed the transport to the captain. A kp of Kdt leads oneStaff company, he can be promoted to major.

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