a composer (of lat.: componere = arrange) are an artist, who creates musical works (compositions).

The result of the composition procedure is present finally in noted form (by hand or directly as note set in the computer); other adjustments(Demotape, clay/tone admission etc.) are quite possible thereby.

The music of a composer is brought by interpreter (musician , singer) to ringing out.

The designation composer is used also independently of the category of the music and means then a person,arranges somewhat artistic (for example in the chess composition).

In Germany composers announce themselves usually with the GEMA , which on trust administer copyrights of composers, and percentages of profits from transmissions and performances to the composers passes on. Each country hasits own organizations (for instance the ASCAP and BMI in the USA or the AKM in Austria) to the administration of such rights.

The job title composer is not protected, also autodidact can call itself in such a way. Little admits is that the composition study onthe German colleges of music usually a 10semestriges artistic full study requires, in which the extensive handicraft (in addition among other things music theory, hearing formation , instrumentation , instrument valley play , performance practice belongs) is learned. The responsible professional association, into itself German composers country widely andin groups of regional organizes, is the German composer federation, which was created by Werner Egk and today over approximately 1500 members possesses.


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