Konföderationen cup 2005

the sieved Konföderationen cup 2005 in the football, English. FIFA Confederations Cup 2005™, colloquially as Confed Cup or mini WM designation, became of 15. June up to 29. June 2005 aligned from Germany.

The football tournament was considered as sporty and organizational general sample to the soccer world championship 2006, which likewise takes place in Germany. However also the victory premium of 2.3 million euro was an incentive for the eight participating national teams.

Winner of the Konföderationen cup became Brazil by a 4:1 - victory in the final against Argentina. The host Germany had to give itself after 4:3 - victory in the extension against Mexico with place three contently and terminated the tournament as a crew with most obtained gates (15 hits in five portions). „The golden shoe “for the best goal scorer and the honor for the best player of the tournament went to the Brazilian Stürmer Adriano, which met five times in the gate.

Die acht Teilnehmer aus allen Kontinenten der Erde (rot ist Gruppe A, blau ist Gruppe B)
The eight participants from all continents of the earth (group of A is red, blue is group of B)

table of contents


qualified was the host Germany, world champion Brazil as well as the representatives of the six Konföderationen of the FIFA: the European champion Greece, the Africa master Tunesien, the Asia master Japan, the South America representative Argentina (second the Copa América, was there the winner Brazil as world champions qualified), north and Central American masters Mexico and the Ozeanienmeister Australia.


change of rule

a new football rule, which had decided internationally football the Association board of the world football federation FIFA in February 2005, one used for the first time with the Konföderationen cup 2005 and provided for discussions and confusion. The offside rule was going by specified that a player intervenes only in the happening and prevents from the arbitrator to to be punished is, if he affected the ball it its opponent it to play or he gets the ball, after he recoiled from posts, slat or an opponent. So the arbitrator assistants, contrary to in former times, may lift only then the flag if the apart-standing player gets the ball. Advantage of this rule is to be that the effective play time is increased, since it comes to fewer play interruptions because of offside. Disadvantage of this rule is that a player is left so long in the unclear one, until he the ball affected - which perhaps only after a longer Sprint the case is.


four crews each


began play mode [work on] in two groups (A and B) in the championship system against each other. h. each crew played once against every other crew of the group. In the group phase a victory three, an undecided did not count one point, a defeat brings points. In the table of the respective group the points were added.

With point equality of two crews decided in the following order on the place in the table and getting ahead: the gate difference and larger number of obtained gates from all group plays, the direct meetings of the crews concerned (larger number of points, gate relationship, obtained gates), finally the Fairplay - list (from the smaller number of yellow and red maps results) or the lot. Thus the regulation differs minimum from that the WM 2006: There decides with point equality not the gate difference and the more obtained gates of all group plays, but immediately the direct meetings of the point-same crews.

In order to create for all crews same conditions, the two last plays of a group were at the same time delivered. First and second of each group drew into the semi-final.

final round

in the semi-final, in the play around place three and in the final became in the K. - o. - System easily. The crews, which begin against each other, eliminate themselves mutually, so that only one crew could win. If it stood with the plays of the final round after the regular play time of 90 minutes undecided, it possibly came to the extension from twice 15 minutes and (if no winner is still certain) to the penalty shootout. Golden the Goal and the Silver Goal did not give it with the Konföderationen cup 2005 to no more. It was abolished after the last competition 2003 of the FIFA.

play barriers

after the second yellow map or after a yellow-red map in the tournament a player had to expose the next play to his crew. After a red map at least one play barrier followed, however the FIFA Disziplinarkommission could decided on a higher measure of punishment. Dopingkontrollen for four drawn lots players of each crew took place following the play. Two were controlled, the other two were available in case of of injuries. The drawing took place among all players in each case of the 23-köpfigen of cadre.


Die fünf Austragungsorte
the five venues
the plays were delivered in Hanover , Leipzig , Cologne , Nuremberg and Frankfurt/Main. Kaiserslautern, which was intended as venue originally also still, withdrew its application in May 2004 .
Forest stadium


in the new forest stadium, the homeland of the football club unity Frankfurt, 43,324 seats were present with the Confed Cup. The new football arena with a lockable roof was again established by June 2002 until May 2005 in the place of the old forest stadium and has with international plays a spectator capacity of 48.000. The costs amounted to scarcely 126 million euro, in addition approximately 174 million euro came for the development of the stadium periphery and the journeys.

Starting from that 1. July 2005, after the Konföderationen cup, is thus only renamed the stadium in Commerzbank arena. During the WM 2006 the name Commerzbank arena is not certified because of the exclusive FIFA sponsors, it the temporary name FIFA WM-stadium Frankfurt/Main will then receive. The final, the 20-minütige opening celebration to 15. June 2005, the opening play Germany against Australia and two group plays of the Confed Cups took place in the Main metropolis.


in the FIFA stadium Hanover, the homeland of the football club Hanover 96, offers considered seats to 44,652 visitors with international plays.

The former Lower Saxony stadium was converted, with current play enterprise, for 63 million euro by city and country and at the first federal league play day after the winter break to 23. January 2005 inaugurated. Outside of the FIFA meetings the stadium AWD arena is called. For two million euro per season acquired the restaurant service center 2002 general in Hanover resident Finanzdienstleister the rights of the use of a name. In the FIFA stadium Hanover two group plays found instead of and to 26. June the semi-final (18 o'clock) between Argentina and Mexico.

FIFA stadium Cologne


in the FIFA stadium Cologne, the homeland of the 1. Fiber plastics Cologne, will likewise take place WM-plays. The change of the Müngersdorfer of stadium for 117.5 million euro into a pure football arena is meanwhile final. The city Cologne paid 25.7 millions Euro, which became remainder over the Cologne sports facilities GmbH (owner and Betreiberin) financed. The new stadium is designated, if none of the FIFA organized plays take place, after the regional power supplier Rhine energy. The stadium offered 40,590 seats during the Confed Cups. The plays Argentina against Tunesien, Germany against Tunesien and Brazil against Japan from the Vorrunde took place here.

Central stadium in Leipzig


the central stadium, in which otherwise the fiber plastic Saxonia Leipzig plays, was with the Konföderationen cup the only arena in East German a city.

The old stadium, once with 100.000 places the largest stadium in Germany, was converted for 90.6 million euro, from which the federation contributed 51 million euro.
Franconia stadium
in the 44,345 spectators seizing arena, the two Vorrundenspiele Brazil against Greece and Australia took place against Tunesien. Also the play around place three was delivered in the WM-city Leipzig.


in the Franconia stadium, the homestead of the 1. Fiber plastics Nuremberg, which was converted for 56.2 million euro, could pursue maximally 42,187 spectators the plays during the Confed Cups and the WM. The Vorrundenspiele Australia against Argentina and Germany against Argentina could be regarded in the Frankish metropolis. In the easyCredit stadium found to 25. June 2005 the semi-final between Germany and Brazil instead of.


the quantity of the participants

not all participating crews began with their Bestbesetzung. Thus some Brazilian master players did not participate in the Brazilian quantity for the Confed Cup 2005 . A regeneration phase was granted to the well-known football players Cafu, Roberto Carlos. The Brazilian national coach of Carlo Parreira appointed also the threefold world soccer player Ronaldo into its quantity, this done without however to the participation. The Brazilian appointed for the competition in addition five players from the soccer federal league: Lúcio and Zé Roberto of the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich, Juan and Roque junior (Bavarian Leverkusen) and Gilberto there Silva Melo of Hertha BSC Berlin.

For all that particularly a high expectation attitude was present in Germany due to the host role. The competition was considered as sporty general sample and as locating to the German national soccer team, which cannot as hosts of the WM no qualification plays complete and therefore competition-moderately measure. The crew of Jürgen Klinsmann went in such a way as vice-world champion and a host as one of the favorites into the Konföderationen cup. Klinsmanns a avowed goal was it to win the tournament even if the German football crew on a victory against one of the large football nations in such a way specified already since five years (1: 0 against England) waited. Hopes of the German fans rested particularly on new generation players such as Lukas Podolski, Bastian pig riser and by Mertesacker as well as the experienced players Michael Ballack and olive punt. Both Miroslav Klose and Dietmar Hamann had to call at the beginning of off of June injury (see German quantity for the Konföderationen cup 2005).

With the group opponent to the German likewise like already were missing in the quantity of Argentina with the Brazilians some prominent players: Crespo and Ayala, Kily Gonzales, Luis Gonzales, Mascherano and Torwart Abbondanzieri. From the soccer federal league of Argentina had nominated national coach José Pekerman the players Martín Demichelis of the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich and Diego Placente of Bavarian 04 Leverkusen.

the groups of plays

with the drawing at the 1. November 2004 in Frankfurt/Main of the German Eiskunstläuferin Katarina joke the following groups were determined:

Group of A group of B
Deutschland Germany Brasilien Brazil
Australien Australia Griechenland Greece
Argentinien Argentina Japan Japan
Tunesien Tunesien Mexiko Mexico

play plan

group of A

table group of A
place team frame. Thread. Unent. Verl. Gates point.
1 Deutschland Germany 3 2 1 0 9:5 7
2 Argentinien Argentina 3 2 1 0 8:5 7
3 Tunesien Tunesien 3 1 0 2 3:5 3
4 Australien Australia 3 0 0 3 5:10 0
15. June 2005
Argentinien Argentina - Tunesien Tunesien 2:1 (1: 0)
Deutschland Germany - Australien Australia 4:3 (2: 2)
18. June 2005
Deutschland Germany - Tunesien Tunesien 3:0 (0: 0)
Australien Australia - Argentinien Argentina 2:4 (0: 2)
21. June 2005
Australien Australia - Tunesien Tunesien 0:2 (0: 1)
Argentinien Argentina - Deutschland Germany 2:2 (1: 1)

Argentina became generally accepted in the first play only scarcely against the outsider Tunesien. The coach José Pekerman tested some young national players without large experience in the portion also. In the second play it ran for second of the South America championship still better, so that the crew qualified itself prematurely after 4:2 against Australia for the semi-final. By a 2:2 - undecided against the host is the technically strong national team table second of the group of A.
Australia lost the first play very scarcely against the host. The Ozeanienmeister was spielerisch over far distances the better crew, however franc Farina large difficulties within the defense range had the eleven of coach. To defeats against Argentina and Tunesien the team with zero drives points from the three plays home. One of the light views with the Australians was the Stürmer John Aloisi with four gates.
Germany won the unterhaltsame and torr-calibrates opening play. The crew of Jürgen Klinsmann revealed large uncertainties in the defensive, which was occupied with young defense players. In the second play the defense stood better, the crew had however in the first half time of problems against the compactly standing Tunesier, only in the last twenty minutes came by the strafstoss of Ballack the turn and Germany qualified itself prematurely for the semi-final. By a 2:2 against Argentina, with which a whole row master players were preserved, Germany the group victory and is formal with seven points and a gate difference nine to five gates the best Vorrundenmannschaft of the tournament erspielten itself.
Tunesien played under Roger Lemerre over far distances well also, however the Africa master lost scarcely the first play. The second play was lost clearly against Germany. Up to 70. The Tunesier played and gained minute well along some possibilities, which did not use her however. After 0:1 fallow the Gegenwehr together and it let the German national players of still two gates after-put. Tunesien could say good-bye after two defeats with a victory against Australia of the Confed Cup.

group of B

table group of B
place team frame. Thread. Unent. Verl. Gates point.
1 Mexiko Mexico 3 2 1 0 3:1 7
2 Brasilien Brazil 3 1 1 1 5:2 4
3 Japan Japan 3 1 1 1 4:4 4
4 Griechenland Greece 3 0 1 2 0:4 1
16. June 2005
Japan Japan - Mexiko Mexico 1:2 (1: 1)
Brasilien Brazil - Griechenland Greece 3:0 (1: 0)
19. June 2005
Griechenland Greece - Japan Japan 0:1 (0: 0)
Mexiko Mexico - Brasilien Brazil 1:0 (0: 0)
22. June 2005
Griechenland Greece - Mexiko Mexico 0:0
Japan Japan - Brasilien Brazil 2:2 (1: 2)
2005 Brazil coach of Carlo Alberto Parreira

won fans of Brazil with the Konföderationen cup could promptly some service providers replacement as acting world champions the play against the European champion clearly and. Although star the Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Cafu in the vacation stayed, the South American crew, which began with four federal league players , won sovereign. In the second play expectations were accordingly high, however the world champion lost 0:1 against Mexico. Also in the third play against Japan the south Americans could not convince. Brazil reached nevertheless by a 2:2 against the Asia master as the table second the semi-final against Germany.
Greece had clearly been subject to the five times world champion in the first play in the sold off central stadium. Since the crew likewise lost also the second play, it was already certain before the last group play that Greece must begin the home journey. Also in the third play against Mexico it was enough to undecided only to a 0:0 -. The crew with the German coach Otto deer hail could tie 2004 at no time to the strong achievements of the euro.
Japan lost against Mexico 1:2. The crew, those of the former Brazilian midfield player Zico one trains, could not convince in the first play yet. With a victory of the Asia master in the second play against Greece Japan retained itself the chance on the semi-final. Against the world champion the Japanese reached Brazil somewhat unfortunately - a gate became because of alleged offside - denied only a 2:2 and separated thereby from the tournament.
Mexico became generally accepted after a 0:1 - arrears against Japan still scarcely. The surprise was however 1:0 - victory of Mexico against the record world champion Brazil. The FIFA Weltranglisten - sixth as well as north and Central American masters Mexico remained thereby in 20. Play ungeschlagen one behind the other. In the locking play against Greece the central Americans a 0:0 reached and got ahead thereby as the group first.


25. June 2005; 18:00 clock
Deutschland Germany - Brasilien Brazil 2:3 (2: ) ( in Nuremberg ) at

summer temperatures the acting world champion Brazil won 2 against the vice-world champion Germany with 3:2 - gates in the Franconia stadium in Nuremberg before 42.187 spectators. The host fought passionately from the outset and could adjust two times the guidance of the south Americans. Thus Germany lost the second time under national coach Jürgen Klinsmann in the elfmonatigen term of office. In the comparison to the last Vorrundenspiel against Argentina (2: 2) participated Michael Ballack, Lukas Podolski and Arne Friedrich again. Also with Brazil there were some changes, then Dida played again in the gate, Roque junior played for Juan in the defense. Gilberto Silva Melo of Hertha BSC Berlin played there just like Emerson. The national team of Brazil had in an exciting and interesting play three times by Adriano (0: 1 and 2:3) and Ronaldinho in guidance goes, in order to win the play against the host. That fought self-sacrificing against the acting world champion. With intermediate 1:1 by the Jungstar the Podolski of the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne and with 2:2 - reconciliation by the Foulelfmeter of Ballack germinated in each case hope with the Germans after five years (at that time 1:0 against England) finally again against one „large ones “in the world football to win. The class of Adriano, which was promoted later to the best player of the tournament, constituted the difference against the young defense protection from coach of the national team Jürgen Klinsmann. Brazil was technically superior, but the Germans fought and came to many scoring chances. At the end the host of the tournament had to resign itself to „the small final “.

26. June 2005; 18:00 clock
Mexiko Mexico - Argentinien Argentina 1:1 n.V. (0: 0, 0:0) 5:6 i.E. (in Hanover)

the 43,667 visitors of the sold off FIFA stadium Hanover saw an exciting portion between the south Americans from Argentina and the central Americans from Mexico, which could be decided only in the penalty shootout. The play between the two crews bit led, so that there were many Fouls. The favorite Argentina had some difficulties with the compactly standing Mexicans in the first half time. However they could not ummünzen their easy field superiority punishing space scenes or gates.

The twice world champion became stronger in the second half time and attacked the central Americans already in the centre zone. The play became with the time better and better and went back and forth. However both defense rows hardly made for error, so that the Offensivabeilungen looked bad. Briefly before end of the 90 minutes there was the red map for Javier Saviola, that against Pineda night advice. Starting from the extension both crews had to get along with ten players, since also a Mexican (Rafael Márquez) was placed, this time with yellow-red by the place.

In the extension then the gates desired by the spectators fell. Mexico went through Carlo Salcido into the 104. Minute in guidance. Subsequently, Argentina turned and forced in the 110. Minute the gate by Luciano Figueroa, which had failed a short while before still because of the post. Subsequently, any longer much did not pass and in such a way had the decision in the penalty shootout to fall. After all five players had met in each case, the Argentine goal keeper Germán lux held the ball shot by Ricardo Osorio. Beside Brazil the day before now thus also the second large favorite had qualified itself for the tournament victory for the final.

play around place 3

29. June 2005; 17:45 clock
Deutschland Germany - Mexiko Mexico 4:3 n.V. (3: 3, 2:1) (in Leipzig)

„the small final “in the central stadium of Leipzig, sold off with 42.000 spectators , developed to a great soccer game, which lived on gates and the tension. The host Germany had to go four times into guidance around the central Americans to defeat. After the red map of Mike Hanke played Germany over 70 minutes in Unterzahl.

In the first half time above all the eight minutes before the break were spectacular. After 1:0 by Lukas Podolski shot Fonseca reconciliation. To 60 seconds later Germany went to a combination worth seeing between Hinkel and Podolski through Bastian pig riser into guidance. In the second half time the play was balanced at the beginning, to Mike Hanke in the 54. Minute was placed because of rough Foulspiels by the place. The Mexicans transferred the play and Jared Borgetti cut back a flank from Pérez olive punt past to the gate. Calculated Robert Huth, which had been strongly criticized after defense errors in the opening play, shot the renewed guidance of the Germans. Over far distances one noticed now that Germany had a player less on the field and Mexico, sixth the FIFA Weltrangliste, erspielte itself now advantages. The consequence was in the 85. Minute 3:3 by Borgetti, which shot its second gate in the play and its third tournament gate altogether - there was now extension. Michael Ballack zirkelte after three minutes whistled for the start the extension a direct freistoss over the wall. 4:3 could defend the German crew, which played forward despite the Unterzahl over 70 minutes further, up to the Abpfiff. Even if the balance gates of the Mexicans again the defensive weaknesses of the Germans revealed, the crew of coach Jürgen Klinsmann showed inspiring offensive football over far distances. The Germans could in such a way terminate with raised head as third, behind the tournament favorites Brazil and Argentina, the tournament.


29. June 2005; 20:45 clock
Brasilien Brazil - Argentinien Argentina 4:1 (2: ) ( in Frankfurt/Main ) in

the final Konföderationen cup of the 2005 between Brazil and Argentina it concerned to 0 much: Not only over the victory with the mini WM, but particularly around prestige in this South American duel of the ore rivals. It went concretely making forgotten for Brazil therefore, a three weeks past 1:3 in the WM-qualification against the neighboring country. Brazil had the better start: Already in the elften minute the Brazilian gate hunter Adriano , which earned the descriptor in this play „world class “, sank a passport of Cicinho in the gate. Only few minutes later put the Brazilians by a gate worth seeing of Kaká after to 2:0 (15. Minute). Even if Argentina came in the subsequent minutes to some firing opportunities, Brazil successfully administered its projection/lead up to the half time whistle.

Only Ronaldinho shot few minutes after the break after preliminary work of Cicinho volley in the gate (47. Minute). There were now many chances on both sides: Robinho met the slat, Luciano Figueroa cut back near a self-gate. Although the Argentine crew came now better into the play, Adriano met in the 63. Play minute on the other side after a Cicinho - flank with the head to 4:0. Pablo Aimar obtained shortly thereafter by head the only Argentine gate to 4:1 - final conditions. Further chances of Brazil to increase the projection/lead again left Adriano, Lúcio and Renato unused. The winner of the Konföderationen cup was completely earns the Brazilian national soccer team of coach of Carlo Parreira.

Konföderationen cup winner 2005



best goal scorers

„the golden shoe “for the best goal scorer goes to the Brazilian Adriano from inter Milan with five gates.

At place two the German captain Michael Ballack of the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich ( three eleven-meters and a direct freistoss) is, the Argentinier Luciano Figueroa of the Villarreal CF and the Australian John Aloisi of APPROX. Osasuna with four gates each.

Also divide the fifth place equal four goal scorers: the Brazilian Ronaldinho, the Argentinier Juan Román Riquelme, the German Stürmer Lukas Podolski of the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne as well as the Mexican Jared Borgetti with ever three gates.

crew of the tournament

after IMP (innovative media technics and planning AG) - data one arranged the eleven of the tournament:

Oswaldo Sánchez (Mexico) - Cicinho (Brazil), Lúcio (Brazil), Javier Zanetti (Argentina) - Juan Román Riquelme (Argentina), Ronaldinho (Brazil), Michael Ballack (Germany), Bastian pig riser (Germany) - Robinho (Brazil), Adriano (Brazil), Luciano Figueroa (Argentina)

player of the tournament

to the player of the tournament became the Brazilian Adriano erkoren. At place 2 Riquelme before Michael Ballack was selected.

economic effects

different than with a football European championship or with a world championship are visible the economic effects of the Konföderationen cup. Compared with these two large meetings less foreign guests came to the plays. Most visitors came from the region and drove most still on the same day again home. The balance for the tourism industry fell through-grows out. Even with the final or with the play around place three with German participation were many hotels in Frankfurt/Main and/or. Leipzig not written off. From plays such as Greece against Mexico the hotel industry noticed nearly nothing. Differently than with soccer world championships the fans do not accompany their crews with the continental tournament abroad also.

The cities expect however particularly by the world-wide mediale attention of the tournament a positive resonance. For the world championship the responsible persons expect that the hotels are written off. An image gain and an advertising effect for the tourism sector in the entire world only a successful organization can bring to the soccer world championship 2006.


altogether was interest of the spectators in the Konföderationen cup available, some plays was already after the first sales phase sells off. Only about 25,000 tickets for the more expensive categories and less attractive plays remained. Until May 2005 were 430,000 of 650.000 tickets sold at the beginning of, two days before beginning of the tournament were sold to 500,000 maps. Stadium extent of utilization was with 85 per cent. On average 37,500 spectators pursued the plays. Thus altogether scarcely over 600.000 spectators came to the 16 plays. The most favorable tickets were to be had starting from 18 euro (reduced), a final map cost 99 euro on the average and had 42 euro for a ticket to be paid.

With the Konföderationen cup 2005 for the first time RFID were stored - chips in the tickets. At the entrance into Frankfurt forest stadiums, which served as WM-Teststadion, by the integrated smart card the admission information was examined. The employment of this new technology caused, like the organizing committee communicated, no difficulties. Nobody was beyond that justified to resell or pass it assigned ticket on.

security, stages

the police drew a altogether positive balance after the tournament. Fewer criminal offences than with the soccer federal league - weekends were registered. 56 registered criminal offences with the 16 portions were frauds or thefts. Excesses of hooligan were there during the tournament none. Regarding these problematic soccer fans the Konföderationen cup is not 2005 a real test run, since the notorious guests are only expected for example from England or the Netherlands to the world championship.

Remarkable was only a high number of so-called Flitzern, individual spectators, which forbid-proved during the plays on the playing field ran, in order to produce themselves there and run and in the net to be fallen be able usually up to the gate.

Also the again built became and/or. converted stages in Cologne, Nuremberg, Hanover, Leipzig and Frankfurt, the technology and safety precautions, as well as the infrastructure of the venues before the large event WM again under international conditions tested. The again created national information and co-operation center (shortened NOD) began in the capital Berlin with safety precautions. It coordinated side on the work of the security authorities between federation and countries, on the other side co-operated with interpole, Eurojust and euro pole. The police authorities tested the emergency and plans of application for the world championship with the mini WM (the Konföderationen cup is designated in such a way frequently in the German media). In direct range to the venues of the WM disaster control exercises and Notfallazarette were tested.

Before the opening play in Frankfurt forest stadiums demonstrated hundreds football fans of many different associations under the slogan „football fans in the offside “against the announced police measures as well as the commercialization of the tournament. The fans pulled from the forest stadium to the main station and paralyzed so the public means of transport to the stadium during a longer period almost completely.


the Konföderationen cup 2005 was except for few exceptions a great and hochklassiges sport event. Germany proved one year before the soccer world championship 2006 as a host with very good organization, to mad play places, peaceful fans in the surrounding field and in the stages and a marvelous atmosphere. In addition those which can be looked at frequently beautifully came and torr-calibrate soccer games. For rework for the world championship fall there traffic problems, unclear information to the ticket sales and insufficient food supply as well as some empty seat ranks less-heavily important.

However the four spectators are more problematic, it created by the shut-off positions on the playing field to storm. They provided for play interruptions lasting several minutes. Organization boss spoke in this connection of one „small Blamage “, which would have to be abolished up to the WM. The tournament was sporty in the summer 2005 a high point between the continental championships (like z. B. European championship or Africa championship) in the previous year and the world championship 2006.


sporty seen was characterized the Konföderationen cup over far distances of high level. Most crews dressed not as back with earlier tournaments cautiously into the own play half, but strove from beginning of play to play attractive risky offensive football. Thus many gates fell, since most crews more concentrated on the offensive play than on the defense work. The large contrasts between high offensive qualities and weak defense achievements led to high play results. With the 4:3 of the Germans in the opening play against Australia and „the small final “(likewise 4:3 n.V.) between Germany and Mexico most gates of the tournament fell. Fell never before with a Konföderationen cup more gates. The eight countries obtained 56 gates, that in 16 plays are sensational 3.5 hits per play. With the tournaments in the years before were clearly less: With the Confed Cup 2003 in France 36 gates (2.25 per play) and 2001 fell in Japan and South Korea of only 31 hits (1.93 per play).

the tournament of the favorites

the two tournament favorites before the beginning of the Konföderationen cup, Brazil and Argentina, met in the final again. Both crews could convince in the tournament over far distances tactically and technically. The host Germany, who had gone with the goal into running to win the tournament could be content with third rank, after an interesting and exciting „small final “against the surprise crew from Mexico.

the winners

of the FIFA Weltranglisten - first Brazil (829 points) could not only decide the last play against world rank list third (785 points) clearly for itself. Brazil showed already with the first play against the European champion Greece mad offensive football and spectacular gates. In the semi-final with 3:2 (2: 2) against Germany the individual class of a Adriano or a Ronaldinho flashed always. Technically, kämpferisch the Brazilians played a convincing tournament, even if they had to fight with two plays (against Mexico and Japan) in the Vorrunde with problems. Five players of Brazil from all crew parts (with the exception of the Torwart) are to be found in „the crew of the tournament “.

The host Germany delivered a altogether positive conception. The youngest crew in the tournament (average age 24.4 years) played engaged and employment-joyfully. The German confirmed the trend in this tournament: offensively strongly, defensively weakly. In the plays above all captain Michael Ballack was the projecting man. Its surely transformed eleven-meter and its freistoss against Mexico were play crucial. He was selected behind Adriano and Riquelme to the third-best player of the tournament. Hope for the soccer world championship 2006 makes the offensive with the young national players from German view such as Bastian pig riser, which was selected into the crew of the tournament, or which 20-year old Lukas Podolski, which met three times. The national team had problems around coaches of the national team Jürgen Klinsmann particularly within the defense range.

Japan played a good tournament, even if the Asians had to say good-bye in the Vorrunde. They brought the record world champion to Brazil to the edge of a defeat (2:2 (1: 2)) and had due to the worse gate relationship in the comparison to the acting world champion the home journey to begin.

in addition,

the losers some crews disappointed. European champion Greece, knew defensive tactics successful with the football European championship 2004, while the three plays completed do not convert. The crew of the German national coach Otto deer hail had to drive torlos and as table-last home. Now a long overdue taper ratio of the cadre lines up . Also with the Australians it ran badly with the Konföderationen cup. All plays were lost and the crew took ten Gegentore in three plays. The Ozeanienmeister had large difficulties within the defense range and in the offensive could alone John Aloisi, which shot four of altogether five gates of the Australians, convince. The coach of the crew, franc Farina, withdrew on the day after separating after six years surprisingly. Also the Tunesier could not convince with its limited means. The unrestricted combat will and the prepared to take risks shank were missing. To a good half time the play went against Germany 0:3 (0: 0) lost still clearly.

the Dopingaffäre

the two Mexicans Salvador Carmona and Aarón Galindo was suspended after the Vorrunde because of Dopings by the Mexican federation and painted before the semi-final by the player list. After an internal sample of the federation the A and B-samples were positive on Nandrolon. At first it was called the players due to a disciplinary passing was home sent. The world football federation FIFA did not want to punish the entire crew, although both were inserted into the Vorrundenspielen. The players become individually closed with a punishment of twelve months.

Unsportliche moments

with the semi-final Argentina against Mexico (5:6 in the penalty shootout) could not itself have weighted the Argentine defense player Fabricio Coloccini about a red map. In the 69. It caused Ramón Morales with a Bodycheck a bleeding place wound at the left eye to minute, which afterwards had to be replaced. After the scarce from the Mexicans did not make the coach Ricardo La Volpe for the Italian football arbitrator Roberto Rosetti of reproaches, it a red map pulled, but only yellow, since the FIFA wanted to rather have the dream final Brazil against Argentina. Above all money plays here a role, stated La Volpe.


all 16 plays of the FIFA Konföderationen cup 2005 were radiated in all participant countries. Under the picture direction of pool of broadcasting corporations, Second Channel of German Television and premiere the tournament was transferred according to data of the coverage right agency Infront into over 170 countries live. For the Konföderationen cup that was a new record, the tournament before two years in France was only in 90 countries of the earth to be seen. On 3000 medium representatives from the whole world reported from Germany of the Konföderationen cup.

In Germany the Second Channel of German Television showed the group plays to 16. , 18. and 22. June as well as both Halbfinals. The first German television transferred the other group plays and the play around place three and the final. In second German for the first time Jürgen Klopp , coach of Mainz 05 , the former football arbitrator Urs Meier from Switzerland, as well as the WM-Organisationschef Franz basin farmer analyzed television. In the pool of broadcasting corporations the duo Günter Netzer and Gerhard Delling as well as Monica Lierhaus and Waldemar Hartmann were to be seen. The first German television showed the live press conferences of the German national team in the afternoon. At transmitter premiere worked over 250 coworkers on the production of the soccer games. Above all Marcel hoar frost and Fritz von Thurn and Taxis commentated the plays. The former fiber plastic Bavaria Munich - coach Ottmar Hitzfeld analyzed the plays with German participation as well as the final round with the paying television station. The plays with premiere could be seen from several camera perspectives, both in 4:3 - and in 16:9 - format.

The first opening play between Germany and Australia saw in Germany on the average 11.1 million spectator (38.4 per cent market share) before the television screens. In Germany the director of the WDR , criticized Fritz Pleitgen, the late impact time (20: 45 and 21 o'clock). In Germany the life habits of the citizens are differently than in Spain or Latin America and also the children should at Top events sharings be able. In the German television the semi-final meeting between Germany and Argentina was the play with most spectators: 13,09 million spectator (44.5 per cent market share) looked at on the average the transmission of this play. The highest market share was reached with „the small final “: 12,0 million spectator (51.6 per cent market share) saw the portion. The final between Brazil and Argentina watched to the best transmitting time 10.25 million humans (36.8 per cent market share).

In South America the Konföderationen cup was to be seen in the afternoon: The plays at 18 o'clock MEZ were for example at 13 o'clock in Argentina. In Asia the plays ran deeply in the night: The first play of the Japanese against Mexico was transferred around clock a live into Tokyo, into Mexico city against it at 11 o'clock. On the fifth continent the Konföderationen cup was 2005 something for Frühaufsteher: The opening play (21 o'clock MEZ) was to be seen direct at five o'clock in Sydney.

For the reporting in the Internet to the Konföderationen cup worked about 30 editors and technician of the FIFA and Yahoo! in Frankfurt at the official side: FIFAworldcup.com.


for the sponsors of the world football federation FIFA likewise was the Konföderationen cup a test run before the world presentation 2006. The exclusive partners of the FIFA, which paid in each case 45 million euro for the Sponsoring during the WM and the Konföderationen cup, were allowed to arise and recruit as only in the stages as well as outside around. Among the official partners of the FIFA for those further fourteen well-known international enterprises ranked the Konföderationen cup beside Anheuser shrubs: Adidas, Avaya, Coca-Cola, Continental, German Telekom, Emirates as well as Fujifilm, Gillette, Hyundai, Mastercard and McDonalds, Philips, Toshiba and Yahoo!. Also the Konföderationen cup was financed mostly by sponsors, nearly twice as much money as by the map sales was taken, came from the enterprises.

In addition came the national sponsors, who contribute over 60 million euro additionally to the Konföderationen cup and to the WM. The German course AG was the mobility and logistics partner of the DFB. Further national sponsors were the postal bank, OBI, Hamburg Mannheimer, EnBW and Oddset. Contrary to the 15 international sponsor partners of the world football federation FIFA the national promoters smell only in Germany with their commitment recruit.

The companies, which engage themselves with the WM, hope for an image thrust and an increase in sales. The fact that this commitment can be worthwhile itself shows for example the football European championship 2004 and the sponsor Carl mountain. The brewing giant sold whole thirteen per cent more beer during the tournament. For the Konföderationen cup and the WM the American, second largest Bierbrauer of the world Anheuser shrubs has the exclusive rights for the beer bar in the stadium for 40 million euro of the FIFA secured.

The large Werbeshow took place during the plays. For example the Anheuser shrubs Player OF selected from a FIFA commission to the player of the play was called the match. The page selection before beginning of each play, which was escort Coin by a beverage manufacturer presented. Also the balls and parts of the opening celebration were gesponsert and over the microphone in the forest stadium were presented of the FIFA companies. The commercialization is criticized by many football fans.


some football experts like the chairman of the board of the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, or football coach Udo Lattek and prominent players like the repeated world football player Ronaldo criticizes the Konföderationen cup and demands the abolishment. They argue, the players would have after the long season in their respective association, the European competitions, the plays for the national teams hardly more vacation and time for regeneration.

To the criticism at the mode of the Konföderationen cup before two years on the part of the world football federation FIFA one reacted. At the high-summer temperatures and at the long season of the players now the crews begin every three days and not already each second day to a Vorrundenspiel. The criticism at the mode of the competition arose above all, after to 26. June 2003 the Cameroonian national player Mark Vivien Foé at heart failure during the half final portion in the Konföderationen cup between its country and Colombia broke down and deceased.

Also the sport medical profession, so also the DFB crew physician Wilfried child man, warn, the national players could have difficulties, rested and through-train the next season and the coming world championship to concern.

The FIFA plans to only deliver the Konföderationen cup every four years in the country of the WM-aligner as general sample for the coming world championship. The mode every two years in the season preparation of the soccer associations did not work satisfactorily.

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