Congo franc

country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
partitioning: 100 cents
ISO-4217-Code: CDF
abbreviation: F, fiber plastic
rate of exchange:
(August. 2005)
1 EUR = 608.5 CDF

of the Congo francs are the currency of the democratic Republic of the Congo. It is not to confound with the currency of the republic the Congo. This state published occasionally also own coins and notes, which are designated likewise than “Congo francs”, but is the official currency of the Republic of the Congo of the CFA francs.

Belgian the Congo had already to the colonial age own coins and notes after the model of the Belgian franc. After the independence from 1960 one maintained first the old currency designation. 1967 were introduced a new monetary system: 100 Sengi = 1 Likuta and 100 Makuta (Plural of Likuta) = 1 Zaire. 1993 were introduced the Nouveau Zaire to the value of three million of old Zaire. 1997, when the name of the country of Zaire changed back on democratic Republic of the Congo, received also the currency again to the names francs.

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