Congo basin

the Congo basin is in Africa in a very extensive basin in the catchment area of the Congo.

In this mostly dish-like large landscape are about a quarter of the world-wide still existing tropical rain forests. The Congo basin contains the second largest tropical jungle area of the earth of the South American Amazon basin to the rain forest.

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situation and geography

the Congo basin lies in the southern center of the African continent mainly in the democratic Republic of the Congo; its catchment area is enough with the Ausläufern of the basin and/or. with its rain forest areas still into neighbour states Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Central African republic.

Into the west, northwest and the north this large landscape goes and/or. the Congo catchment area, whose center is appropriate for only about 300 to 400 m highly, into the into one another turning into mountain countries, which partly belong to the large north equatorial threshold, the states specified before over. In the northeast, the east and southeast the Congo basin borders on the high mountain chains of the elongated Central African threshold, which drops eastward to East Africa niches the Grabenbruch. Thus it borders on Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania as well as on Ruwenzori mountains high up to 5.109 m - the highest collection of the democratic Republic of the Congo at the border to Uganda.

In the southeast the catchment area of the Congo basin is even also still enough over the Mitumba mountains up to the Muchinga mountains and thus to Zambia. In the south it reaches the Lundaschwelle and even still the high country of Bie, high up to 1.500 m; thus it is enough until to Angola. Into the southwest the area changes delta at the southern Atlantic around the range the Congo - in the only narrow, but river and water-rich Zaire coastal low country . The western part of the Congo basin core drops to the Niederguineaschwelle east the Atlantiks, over which the river falls into the low country evenly specified.

forest and river landscape

the landscape of the Congo basin in particular becomes by the close and evergreen rain forests, in which over 50 m high trees partly grows, and by the large and water-rich Congo river determines. Hundreds small and large tributaries approach radially on the elongated link elbow of the Congo.

water regime

the entire water of this rain forest area is almost drained over the Congo (delta 42,000 m ³ /s). Only at the Atlantic coast between Cameroon and Angola the rain forests drain themselves directly over smaller rivers into the ocean.

timber economy

because the wood export a very important support leg for the centralAfrican national economy is, is not over 80% of the rain forests no more in unaffected condition; they are to be called rather destroyed. In this connection the annual forest loss in the Congo basin, in which half of the rain forest to the impact were released approximately, up to 15.000 km covers ² surface. The dark number, which is be based on the illegal Rodungen and as far as possible not which can be documented, lets this value fail still more highly. Similarly as in the other world-wide still remaining rain forest areas inappropriate forest work is also in Africa apart from the illegal Holzeinschlag (e.g. Brandrodung without following reforestation), lawlessness and corruption at the agenda. Those in this connection to a large extent forbidding thirds natives and other responsible environmentalists, who resist partly energetically these methods and the associated violations of human rights, find world-wide only little hearing.


  • determining is the Flussystem of the Congo (further tributaries - see there)


of river horses
gorilla: Silver back male

the rain forest of the Congo basin represents extremely important area for the African fauna, in whom thousands animal species live.

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