Congo war

the Congo war is the war since 1996 on the territory of the democratic Republic of the Congo is delivered. Are to be differentiated by the Congo war Congo confusions with the following war of secession and the civil war according to the independence of the country between 1960 and 1965.

The Congo war is often divided into the first Congo war from 1996 to 1997 and the second Congo war since 1998, which are called sometimes also African world war, although one can regard both wars also as two phases of only one conflict. The conflict was explained in the year 2002, ethnical conflicts let new fights, at whose delimitation little international interest exists for terminated flash however again and again.

phases of the conflict

the causes for the war in the Congo are various. Main trips of the war were after the genocide at the Tutsi in Rwanda 1994 developed refugee camps in the east at that time still Zaire the Congo mentioned, where many were for the genocide the responsible persons Génocidaires and member of the former Rwandese army FAR.

The hard core of the Hutu taken part in the genocide began to commit soon from Zaire attacks on Rwanda, in order to fall in the meantime educated new government again. The zairische president Mobutu Sese Seko, whose power was at that time already very fastened, saw this conflict becoming as means again an important factor in the world happening, by using the refugee misery and the international attention and on the side of the Hutu placing themselves. This led to the invasion of the militarily far superior RPF from Rwanda to Zaire, in order to dissolve the camps and to pull the involved ones in the genocide to the account. At the same time they formed a coalition there around Laurent Désiré Kabila to the fall Mobutus. This coalition was supported also from the USA and Uganda.

To this first phase it came 1998 to a second argument, into which this time beside the Congo and Rwanda also Uganda, Namibia, Angola, Burundi, Simbabwe, Chad, the Sudan as well as were indirectly the USA , France , Libya , Tanzania , Zambia and South Africa complicated, therefore also the designation “African world war”. Also mercenaries from Serbia, Romania, the Ukraine, Belgium, France and South Africa take part (t) EN, even a corps from North Korea. The former supporters Kabilas turned against it, on which several southern neighboring countries for the support of the government Kabilas sent the Congo contingents.

Reasons for this second war might be mainly the Bodenschätze plentifully existing in the east of the democratic Republic of the Congo such as diamonds , gold , oil and the strategically extremely important Coltan, whose exploitation wakes many Begehrlicheiten. The states entangled into the war pursue mostly economic and strategic interests or try from domestic problems to divert.

The United Nations formed the mission of the United Nations in the democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC) in the year 2000, to mediate since then tried in the conflict. To 16. January 2001 fell Laurent Désiré Kabila an assassination attempt of one its bodyguard to the victim, on which its son Joseph Kabila took over the office of the president. It succeeded to it occasionally with support of the UN to take up and in July 2003 a new government with representatives of the different groups of rebels form the negotiations with the abtrünnigen provinces again. Above all the provinces in the east of the country represent however further an unrest stove.

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