Konrad Deubler

Konrad Deubler (* 26. November 1814; † 31. March 1884; also mentioned the farmer philosopher) was a Austrian farmer, baker, a restaurant operator/barkeeper and a mayor von Goisern (with Ischl in the salt chamber property).


Konrad Deubler became to 26. November 1814as a son of a poor mountain worker born. He learned the Müllerei and found beside hard work time and desire to inform itself. On journeys to Vienna, Venice, Dresden he became acquainted with the world and came after its home coming 1853 due to its support andSpreading of aufklärerischer and religion-critical writings into conflicts with the law guardians. Its books were konfisziert. In documents beschlagnamten by the police with its bookseller ( finch in Linz) the examining magistrates found that he in the process of the vorausgeganenen years for a high sum (1800 guldens (o. W.))Books had bought. Deubler talked itself with the fact out that he would have sold all these infamous books to several families, which had emigrated briefly before his arrest to America. After one and a half-year old one remand he than high traitor and religion disturber was condemned to two years of heavy dungeon in Brünn.In addition then still the internment came into Olmütz, so that it had to remain far for four years of its homeland. 1857 it was then begnadigt by the emperor. Later he was chosen from the municipality to the mayor. After the release it closed a journey , In order these of it philosophers admired Ludwig fire brook after Nuremberg personally know to learn. Fire brook visited Deubler later in Goisern for some months; they closed friendship and Deubler visited fire brook still briefly before its death 1872 on computing mountain. Konrad Deubler died to 31.March 1884.

Deubler was a talented autodidact, whose pronounced will let him find for further training beside the work still Kraft to the self-instruction. He drew its philosophy from the works of Ludwig fire brook, David Friedrich bunch, Ernst Haeckel, Ludwig Anzengruber and other one, alsowhich it took up also brieflich contact, invited it visited and also after Goisern. It was always anxious to spread its knowledge to the extent among simple humans of its environment, possible after its understanding. Thus it wrote book the life Jesu two-restrained by its enthusiasticallycritically works on (1835/36 published) at David Friedrich bunch that it is to summarize this nevertheless generally comprehensibly in a popular expenditure. Thereupon bunch published the life Jesu. Easily fassliche treatment, which appeared then 1864 under the title the life Jesu for the German people. In particular tooLudwig fire brook developed by one moves exchanges of letters and the mutual attendance a friendship. After fire brook death 1872 oriented yourself Deubler at Ernst Haeckel. Also it stood for the nut/mother of the Marxist theoretician Karl Kautsky with Peter Rosegger and the authoress Minna Kautsky, inContact.

To its reading belonged among other things:

  • Buckle, history of the English Civilisation
  • Ludwig fire brook, “nature of the Christenthums”, “thoughts over death and immortality”
  • Ernst Haeckel, “natural creation history”
  • Alexander Humboldt, “opinions of nature”,
  • mole bulkhead
  • Christian wheel house, Isis
  • Peter Rosegger
  • Rossmässler, “humans in the mirror of nature”, the magazine“The homeland”
  • Friedrich Schiller
  • David Friedrich bunch, which works on life Jesu critically
  • Ule
  • Vogt

so far it him was possible, it continued to obtain its won knowledge to the simple population, to who it belonged. Despite the village tightness in the separated region it recognized the mental circulationsits time and their customer spreads. It promoted time life the Freidenkertum. Is amazing, as far he knew himself despite the simplicity of his environment and his small means to train further capable. However its missing critical becomes in relation to attitude that in its late letters to Haeckel and othersAuthors and their theories clearly. By its participation he came to the mechanism of a denominationless school into Goisern. Konrad Deubler wrote some poems and was in its deduction a well written autobiography.

Konrad Deubler was married and had with its wife at least inChild.


  • biography, diaries and exchange of letters, given change of Dodel haven, Leipzig, 1886, 2 Bde.

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