Konrad Schily

Dr. med. Konrad Schily (* 7. November 1937 in Bochum) is member of the German Bundestag, German physician and university politician. He is the brother of Otto Schily (SPD).

Schily was into the 1960er years Assistenzarzt of the internal medicine and physician at a neurological hospital. Into the 1970er years took part he together with Gerhard Kienle in the structure of the anthroposophischen community hospital stove corner. 1982 to 1999 were Konrad Schily establishment president of the private university jokes/stove corner; since 2004 is it their honorary chairman.

The former SPD member took part 2003 for the first time to FDP - „innovative circle North-Rhine/Westphalia approaches liberally “. Since 2005 it is member of the FDP, of which it was set up in June 2005 with 42 of 46 delegation voices as a direct candidate for the next election to the Bundestag in the Ennepe Ruhr circle (north).

With the election to the Bundestag 2005 Schily drew surprisingly (list place 13) over the North-Rhine/Westphalian FDP - national list into the Bundestag. The FDP - Bundestag faction selected it into the health committee and as a deputy member of the committee for education, research and technology consequence estimation.

Konrad Schily came as the youngest of the five children of the family Schily into the world. It is married and has 4 children and 9 Enkelkinder.

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