Konrad Wölki

Konrad Wölki (* 27. December 1904 in Berlin; † 5. July 1983 ebenda), was a German composer and Mandolinist, who contributed to the music-scientific acknowledgment of the pulling orchestra.

life and work

Konrad Wölki became to 27. December 1904 in Berlin Moabit born. With 12 years it became member of the child choir at the royal opera Berlin. 1922 it created a pulling orchestra, which was called first „Mandolinenorchester Fidelio “at the age of 18 years, into which the following years and since 1937 final „citizen of Berlin Lautengilde “was however several times renamed was called.

From 1934 to 1940 Wölki at the Stern' conservatoire informed (after 1945: Urban conservatoire) in Berlin pulling instruments and was starting from 1939 member of the Prüfungsausschusses for the national music teacher examination. From 1948 to 1959 it led the people school of music Reinickendorf; from 1962 to 1966 it led the seminar for youth music educators at the urban conservatoire, the late national university for music and explaining art (today: University of the arts was attached).

Wölki is considered first, which contributed to the general acknowledgment of the pulling orchestra originating from the range of the layman music also in scientific circles as one. He did this by the historical study of the Mandoline, by numerous self-compositions and working on, above all however by the publication of training works for pulling instruments. While for the romance the Mandoline had been usually played constantly in the Tremolo, Wölki made the classical play technology, which uses again popular the Tremolo purposefully as style means. Together with his Mrs. Gerda it recognized also the trend to the guitar play into the 1950er years and promoted the chorische interaction of guitars. For these earnings/services he was appointed by the federation of German pulling musicians the honour member.

Wölki in the style of the romance or the baroque, composed first, used however starting from the 1950er years more modern harmonies and rhythms . For experimental and avant-garde music of its time he did not become enthusiastic however.

1972 delivered Wölki the line „of the Lautengilde “to its wife, who had already led the youth pulling orchestra since 1953 and since 1958 the guitar choir of the association. Also in the retirement it was still in the jury of the competition „youth makes music “actively and published regularly for the technical periodical „pulling music guitar “(today: concertino) the federation of German pulling musicians.

Konrad Wölki died to 5. July 1983 in Berlin Frohnau. To its funeral to 19. Former Mitgelieder „of the Lautengilde “its played July „Suite No. 1 “(see list of works).


Konrad Wölki numerous training works for Mandoline and pulling orchestra published and many music pieces for pulling orchestras worked on. From its educational works until 1977 one million copies had been spread. To its most important own compositions belong:

  • Ouvertüre No. 1 (A major)
  • Ouvertüre No. 2 (fis Moll)
  • Ouvertüre No. 3 (D major)
  • Ouvertüre No. 4 (h-Moll) for pulling orchestras and Holzbläser
  • Ouvertüre No. 5 (C major)
  • Ouvertüre No. 6 (G major)
  • Suite No. 1 (1935)
  • Suite No. 2 („music for simple celebration hours “)
  • small Suite in G major
  • concert for violin, 2 flutes and pulling orchestra OI. scherzoso three old-fashionable dances Viennese concert [
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