Konrat Ziegler

Das Grab Konrat Zieglers auf dem Göttinger Stadtfriedhof
the grave Konrat Zieglers on the Göttinger city cemetery

Konrat fear God Ziegler (* 12. January 1884 in Breslau; † 8. January 1974 in Goettingen) was a classical Philologe.

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Konrat Ziegler studied 1905 starting from 1902 at the university of its hometown Breslau and was attained a doctorate there. 1907 it habilitierte and became 1910 extra full professor at the University of Breslau. After war service in the First World War (last as Presseattaché of the German legation in Bulgaria) it became 1920 personal full professor. 1923 changed Ziegler as a chair owner to the University of grab forest. Due to its consistent occurring for the Weimar Republic it became 1933 of the National Socialist ruling powers to already dismiss.

Ziegler, which moved with his family (his Mrs. Hanna and five children) to Berlin, remained further scientifically active. When it helped 1938 a Jewish friend with the escape abroad, it was condemned to one and a half years term of imprisonment. After its dismissal Ziegler hid the daughter of Jewish acquaintance in its dwelling, which was ausgebombt 1943. Ziegler pulled with its family after Osterode on the resin, where he helped his earlier Greifswalder colleague briefly slat, which as a Jew was pursued.

To end of the war slat on its Göttinger chair could return, against an appointment Konrat Zieglers however, which had become 1945 land advice of the circle Osterode, opposed the philosophical faculty of the University of Goettingen. Only 1950 he was appointed the fee professor, finally 1966 (with 82 years) the tidy professor.

In Goettingen Ziegler was local-politically active for the SPD and used itself in particular for the memory of the victims of the national socialism. 1969 it was honoured honour citizens of Goettingen and still during lifetimes with the designation of a road. It received 2001 in the Holocaust memorial place Yad Vashem the honor to Postum as „fair among the peoples “.


Zieglers scientific work was far strained, had however since its thesis over „prayer forms with the Greeks “a certain emphasis with antique religion history; thus it published from 1923 to 1937 from William Heinrich Ro justified detailed encyclopedia of the Greek and Roman mythology , in addition, writings of Cicero. Above all it was occupied time of its life with Plutarch, whose works it published in a critical expenditure.

1946 took over Ziegler the publisher shank of Paulys Realencyclopädie of the classischen antiquity science, abandoned after the death of Karl central house. Also he did not experience like its predecessors the conclusion of the enormous work any longer, he could it however in scarcely 30 years by the publication from 21 volumes to short before the completion bring, which cared for then Hans's gardners. Together with roll ago Sontheimer Ziegler gave also five-restrains abridged edition the small Pauly out.

writings (selection)

  • the brightistic Epos. A forgotten chapter of Greek seal. 1934; 2. Aufl. Teubner, Leipzig 1966
  • Plutarchos of Chaironeia. 2. Aufl. Pressure Mueller, Stuttgart 1964 (originally articles in the Realencyclopädie).
  • (Hrsg.): Cicero: State-theoretical writings. Lat. and. dt. 1974; 4. , unveränd. Aufl. Academy publishing house, Berlin 1988 (writings and sources of the old persons world, 31) ISBN 3-05-000341-3
  • Konrat Ziegler and walter Wuhrmann (over.): Plutarch: Of large Greeks and Romans. 5 Doppelbiographien. dtv, Munich 1991, ISBN 3-423-02259-0


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