conservatoire (ital.: conservatorio, out lat.: conservare - retain)is a mechanism for the training of musicians and music paedagogues.

The expression originally stood for the orphanages (institutes for child preservation) in Venice. In 16. Century gave it to four of it, thosedifferent churches were assigned. The girls in the conservatoires got singing instruction (although it was forbidden to women in that time, in churches from the best composers of the city to sing). They were the first professional singers. Thus the name wentwith the time on the musical training over.

Today a conservatoire is a university-like training centre for all sections of the musical occupation and layman training.

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list of conservatoires and colleges of music


a list of conservatoires and colleges of music is here

to Denmark

a listfrom conservatoires is here [1]



  • conservatoire Amsterdam [2]



university for music and theatre in Zurich

school of music conservatoire Berne

Great Britain

Royal Academy OF music, member of the University OF London [22]

Royal college OF music, member of the University OF London [23]

Birmingham Conservatoire [24]


in Italy gives it altogether to 72 conservatoires (inclusively the schools of music on an equal footing with them). See the following Web left


sank to Peter citizen conservatoire [of 25]

Muscovites conservatoire

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