as Konsistorium (of lat. consistorium = meeting place, meeting; ) one designates imperial cabinet, crowning advice both in the catholic church and with the Protestanten a church court and/or. a church authority.

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Roman-catholic church

in in the Roman-catholic church is a Konsistorium the plenary assembly of the cardinals, that is nominal a consulting committee of the Pope and also from it will call up. One differentiates between tidy and extraordinary Konsistorien. With first the cardinals living in Rome are called up, with the latters are obligated all cardinals to participate. In a Konsistorium by the Pope the appointment decree and the red Birett are presented to cardinals new-mentioned. Only with this ceremony the appointment of the cardinal attains legal force. This applies also to cardinals, whose name for special political reasons is not called and which will appoint “into pectore “.

To in 20. Also catholic administrative authorities in dioceses and other jurisdiction types were called century and. And. Konsistorium. Partly they had also tasks of the church jurisdiction. In the present the authority is usually called Bischöfliches Ordinariat.

Evangelist church

in some Evangelist regional churches of Germany (and in many formerly Prussian areas, e.g. Evangelische Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz, Evangelische Kirche der Kirchenprovinz Sachsen) die kirchliche Verwaltungsbehörde. Konsistorien originated in in 16. Century for the practice of the nationalwonderful and bischöflichen rights of the German princes over the Protestant churches. They consist about weightily of theologians and lawyers.

The Konsistorium fulfills today beside the church line likewise church-leading tasks. It prepares resolutions of the church line, leads the current business of the regional church, is responsible for the legal supervision over municipalities and parish districts and supports all church ranges with the fulfilment of their tasks. Director/conductor of the Konsistoriums (with the title Präsident/in) is usually ein/e Jurist/in. The resolutions of the Konsistoriums become from the Kollegium please. The members of the Kollegiums carry the title Konsitorialrat and/or. Oberkonsistorialrat.

Names for appropriate authorities are in other churches and. A.:

in some reformed municipalities was called the municipality-leading organ Konsistorium (so this very day in France), other-waits one church executive committee (and/or. Presbyterium or parish church advice/church local council is called).

Lutheri church (SELK)

in the independent Evangelical-Lutheran church (SELK) manages the church line the bishop. Members are the four Pröpste of the four parishes, the acting church advice and six layman church advice/and/or. Layman church guess inside. The church line leads the fate of the SELK between the Kirchensynoden. Likewise you are incumbent on all lehr and supervision functions.


the largest collegial central executive body of a university in Schleswig-Holstein after §§36-38 HSG one calls also Konsistorium.


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