Consortium (navigation)

a consortium is particularly in shipping a union of several Reedereinen in the range container< b> transport, which wants to improve their offered services together. Here the members of a consortium receive the right to transport their commodity on container parking bays of other consortium members and offer this service naturally also to the other members. Since by a consortium the number of container ships in the fleet rises, shuttle traffic can be clearly more flexibly planned, the waiting period for customers is in such a way lowered and the ships receive a clearly higher extent of utilization.


latches Redereien to a navigation consortium together, brings itself tonnage a center (also operating or Coordinating Office called) into being, which takes over the operational tasks for the timetable production and timetable observance as well as the pilot planning of the containers.

The moreover one the shipping companies decide whether they want to operate a Joint or a separate marketing. With a Joint marketing takes over a Rederei marketing for a certain region and takes over thus the power of decision and responsibility for the conversion and acceptance of orders for the entire consortium. With separate marketing remains however each Rederei responsible for itself and worries about entire marketing concept.


the economic advantages of a consortium are a more flexible route planning, the reduction of costs by maximum extent of utilization of the container parking bays, a higher accessibility of the customers as well as a faster adjustment to the market.


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