Konstantin Andrejewitsch Werschinin

Konstantin Andrejewitsch Werschinin (Russian КонстантинАндреевичВершинин, * 21. May 3. June 1900 in boron cinema, today Kirow; † 20. December 1973 in Moscow) was a Soviet pilot and colonel general.

Konstantin Andrejewitsch Werschinin

Werschinin learned the occupation of the carpenter from 1914-1919 first and worked also in this occupation. it was involved to 1919 into the army and occurred also the CPSU. To end of the 1920er years went it to the academy from Schukowski, which it completed 1933. Already 1932 it could acquire its pilot light there.

In the rank of an general-upper it became as Kommandierender of the 4. Air army to 19. August 1944 as a hero of the Soviet Union excellently.

After that 2. World war was he first commander in chief of Soviet air forces and became then starting from 1949, when he fell in disgrace, commander of the air defense around Baku, a post, which he had until 1957.

1956 it became member of the ZK of the CPSU. 1959 became it mainMars-resound the flier. In the years 1961 to 1971 Werschinin was sent as Deputierter into the highest Soviet.

He is an author of the book “the 4. Air army ", which appeared 1975.

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